What Are the Top 8 Building Materials Used in Construction and Their Distinct Advantages?

man kneeling in front of wall

You are often presented with a wealth of potential materials options when you are preparing to construct a property and which ones you choose will make a fundamental difference to the look and feel of the building when it is completed and ready for occupation.

From deciding on the most appropriate roofing material to use to protect your home through to appointing granite fabricators to create a quality finish in the kitchen and other parts of the house, your choice of building materials matters.

Here is a look at the top building materials and why they should win your vote when choosing how to construct a stunning new building.

Bricks are an obvious starting point

Other construction options are available, such as timber-framed buildings, but there is little doubt that for durability and versatility the humble brick is still the most popular building material used.

You can use bricks to construct the framework of the property itself and clay bricks can also be used for creating pathways and driveways as well as creating walls that will stand the test of time.

Another positive point about bricks is that it is a construction material that offers a good thermal mass, which means it can help keep heat in and the cold elements out.

Concrete is also understandably popular

Another hugely popular building material that takes a prominent position in a league table of most important construction options is concrete.

You can use concrete to create floors and support the integrity of a building and this is a material that offers high thermal mass, It is very strong and highly durable, plus it is economical to manufacture which makes it a relatively cheap building material to buy.

There are eco-friendly options available these days and you might want to consider using autoclaved aerated concrete, which offers energy-efficient credentials and is non-toxic.

Glass features prominently

It is pretty hard to imagine a property that is constructed without the use of glass and we all need windows to let in natural light and provide a good level of aesthetic appeal at the same time.