It’s My 23rd Birthday! Can You Do Me A Favor?

brian 23rd birthday
Wine with chocolate chip cheesecake (I didn’t eat it all myself).

Today I hit my Michael Jordan birthday and turned 23 years old. Since MJ is the greatest of all-time, maybe this will be the greatest year of my life.

Anyway, many bloggers on their birthday like to ask their readers to buy a product or book. I’m not comfortable doing that because it seems manipulative and wrong.

But, I do want to take this opportunity to ask you for a quick favor on my birthday.

Will you please share one thing that Take Your Success has helped you do? For example, it helped you get an internship or job, become more productive and procrastinate less, improve your GPA, live healthier, or learn about money. Or maybe this site helped you with something else that’s not mentioned above.

If you want to make my day, just comment below on this post. The more detailed the comment, the better!

Or if comments aren’t your thing, you can email brian @ with what you’ve learned. But a short comment right below this post seems easier in my opinion and is preferred.

I’m so pumped to see these comments and receive this birthday present from you! Thank you in advance.

Brian Robben

Brian Robben is the founder of Take Your Success, a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs grow a profitable business and reach freedom. For in-depth training, visit:

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  1. Amanda

    Happy 23rd birthday Brian!! Your articles have inspired me to get straight A’s this semester.

    1. Brian Robben

      Way to dominate. Love it!

  2. Julie

    Happy Birthday!! Your blog has inspired me in so many ways! Where do I begin? I would say the biggest way it has inspired me is by helping me to eat healthier and be more productive and motivated!!

    1. Brian Robben

      Happy to help!

  3. Alison

    Your website continues to motivate me to follow my dreams and not just settle for what’s most comfortable. On top of that, your website has inspired me to start investing in the stock market at a young age and this will be huge later on! Thank you and Happy Birthday Brian!

  4. Brittany Hess

    Happy birthday! Your study strategies helped me to get A’s on all of my finals this past semester. Thanks a lot!

    1. Brian Robben

      I’ll have to use you as the poster girl of my exam strategies. Good work!

  5. Grace

    Happy birthday Brian 🙂
    Your website is so inspiring, especially to us younger generation. The time and effort you put into each blog shows how hard work can really pay off. Thank you for being so motivating! Your posts have helped me want to work harder and better myself. Keep up the great work!

    1. Brian Robben

      I have fun doing it and love when I give value to others. Thanks for reading!

  6. Tam

    Your hustle is contagious, happy birthday man.

    1. Brian Robben

      Can say the same about you Tam, thanks.

  7. Mat Harvey

    Happy birthday Brian! I follow several professional bloggers for inspiration and guidance and your blog is the only I regularly read. Thanks for all of your insights and keeping content relevant to me!

    1. Brian Robben

      That means a lot because I’m sure the professional bloggers have more experience and expertise than me. Continue to do big things Mat.

  8. Yujie Dai

    Happy 23rd birthday,Brain. Thanks for share your experience to make my life so successful. I get better since I follow you. Great job! Hope you keep it up~

    1. Brian Robben

      Thanks Yujie. Let me know if there is ever a specific topic you want me to write about.

  9. Amber

    Take Your Success has helped me overcome proscrastination and continue to make new personal goals!

    1. Brian Robben

      Creating content has helped me do the same!

  10. Erin Jelley

    Hi Brian! happy birthday 🙂

    You are a brilliant marketer and I admire your drive and confidence!

    1. Brian Robben

      Thank you Erin! I really appreciate hearing that.

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