A Tidy Office: 5 Tips for Creating a More Organized Workspace

Did you know that 80% of the papers and information we keep we never use?

A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind.

It can be easy to let papers, receipts, and old food wrappings overstay their welcome in your office. You want to make sure your workspace is as tidy as possible so that you can work more efficiently. 

This article will give you five tips to a more organized workspace.

1. Go Digital

Trying to keep a desk calendar can add unnecessary clutter to your office.

There are plenty of digital options to help you stay organized. Google Calendar will keep your dates in order and will send you reminders when something important is coming up.

Organizational apps like Trello can also help keep your tasks in order. You can shift them into categories like “to-do”, “doing”, and “done.” 

Trello can save you space compared to writing paper to-do lists.

2. Use Wall Space

You need to find creative ways to use the space you have available.

Elevating your stuff is one of the best ways to get more storage. Put in shelves around the perimeter of your office where you can store boxes with files. 

Add hooks by the door so you have a key station. This will prevent you from scrambling for your keys every time you head out to a business lunch. 

3. Label It

If you work with a lot of paper, you will soon find you have many boxes with little idea of what’s inside them. 

A label maker with product labels on a roll will help you create order from the chaos.

You can mark your boxes with the types of documents that are inside. Labeling will cut down the time you spend looking for something and make you more efficient. 

4. Do Some Winter Cleaning

If organization is your goal you’re going to have to let things go. 

Having too much in your office will automatically make it look cluttered. Having trash lying around your office can really hurt the credibility of your company. 

Take stock of what you really need and bag up the rest. 

Make a pile of stuff you can donate to charity and stuff that needs to be trashed. Once you’re down to just the essentials, you can organize more effectively. 

5. Create a Mini Library

Your books should have a home of their own in your office.

Leaving books lying around haphazardly makes it hard to find the one you need. Designate a section of your office to be a little library. 

Here you can shelve books related to your industry that you can easily reference whenever you need them. Besides, having books displayed makes you look three times smarter to potential clients who visit your office. 

Follow These Tips for a More Organized Workspace

Don’t underestimate the power of an organized workspace. 

Staying organized will help increase productivity and keep money coming into your office. 

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