5 Most Promising Low Investment Ideas for Startups In 2019


2019 is finally here, and only people with great investment ideas will make it through and secure incredible profits. Over the years, there have only been investment ideas for people with enormous investments and those ready to risk it all. However, 2019 has a different story for small investors too. In this year, people who have little to risk but are ready to explore more in the business sector have a chance to showcase their skills. If you are thinking to let go formal employment and start investing in a business or looking for another way of making an extra income, 2019 is the right time to begin. Here is a few promising investments strategy that is worth your observation.

Sell Services

If you are looking for business ideas with low investment, then, selling services is the best option for a startup. Service will only require you to invest your time. Therefore, even when the business does not pick up, you will not lose as much. However, in selling service, you must ensure that you have unique skills that are in constant demand for you to penetrate in the business. Some of the most common services that are on continuous demand include house cleaners, designers, web developers, writers, fitness trainers and photographers. If you have either of these skills, you are at an excellent place to kick-off 2019 with a business plan. Additionally, with such skills, you can as well take the initiative to promote your business through online platforms as well as social events within your community.

As a writer, you can start a writing service for students who have less time to concentrate on their education but want to succeed in their study. Additionally, you can offer essay writing training for those who are willing to venture in the business but have no basic writing training. For an easy start, you can borrow a leaf from companies who are already in the industry like PapersOwl or other authority writing company.

Start an Online Shipping Store

You don’t have to have all the products that are advertised in your shop to venture in the business. Instead, find connections with other sellers, and you are ready to go. This one is also among the best startup ideas for starters. With a good internet connection and a reliable supply source, the business will pick pretty fast. However, ensure that your website is user-friendly. This will allow your customers to comfortably browse through it and find any product they are looking for in no time.


Brand T-Shirts

Although compared to the other two investment strategies this is slightly expensive, when the business picks, it will pay back heavily. The best thing with this business is that your investment will leave for an extended period thus guaranteeing that you will make a profit. However, to be on a safer side, you can as well start the business, but only print/brand your products based on customers demand.

Promote Your Brand on Social Media

Social media is commonly used as a platform to socialize and catch up with friends. It is also possible to find out on what is trending around the globe. However, that is not all, it is possible to convert that chilling time and instead of following up on stories, start earning cash through the same platform. Identify with brands that have zero impact on social platforms and make it your business to make them known and selling. With the rapid social media growth, it will be easy to earn returns on any possible investment.

Additionally, when you advertise products, you automatically become the brand’s ambassador. Therefore, you will find people coming to you with expectations of getting information on the various products. In return, you build traffic on the affiliate site hence grow your bank account.

Online Coaching

Unlike selling services, you can start an online coaching company where you can train people in what you are good at yourself. Instead of opening a physical office or waiting for people to come knocking at your door for your set of skills, it is possible to reach out and set an online office. Ensure to share every single detail about your professional achievements and the road towards success. As an online coach, make it your responsibility to hold your trainees by their hands through the path of transformation. The more positive testimonies you get, the higher you grow your market and build incredible traffic.


All the above ideas will ensure your 2019 is fruitful regarding investments although they don’t require much to start. Additionally, if you are a go-getter and you are willing to get yourself busy throughout the year, it is possible to implement all the ideas one at a time. However, as you start up, ensure to follow on the route that you are comfortable and have a developing interest in what you do. Additionally, don’t focus much on how your competitors are doing. Instead, pick your right pieces and start building your castle from scratch and within your comfortable pace.