Building Confidence For Your Business Ambitions

Are you crazy about your career?

A lot of people are in the modern day and age, seeing as there’s so many opportunities and chances out there for people who work hard and have a great go-getter attitude.

Maybe you’re currently sitting at your desk at work, just dreaming of the day you can be your own boss, whilst your actual boss drones on in the background?

Maybe you don’t have a boss at all, and you’re worried about what you can do next; you need some revenue, and you’ve got a plan to get a significant stream of some, but you just don’t have the confidence to put this plan in motion.

On the other hand, you could be brimming with brains and brawn to get things going, but you just don’t know how to put all this energy to use.

If you’re someone who absolutely loves the idea of opening up your own company and then running your own business with every hint of success you hear people talk wistfully about, then you’re going to need to build up some bona fide tips and techniques first.

Of course, even just setting the wheels in motion for a project like this means you’ve got a lot of gumption about you – let’s refine that just a little more!

So here’s a few advice points to follow along with if you’re someone who’s just raring to jump into the small business world. It takes a bit of practice, and a bit of time, and you’ve got the chance to achieve both in plentiful portions.


Know What Your Vision Is

Coming up with an idea for a business of your own is all well and good, but there’s a lot more research time you’ll need on the clock, and you’re going to have to get used to brainstorming on an hourly basis. After all, just coming up with an idea is only half the battle – next you’ve got to check whether anyone else owns the rights to an idea like yours, whether there’s room in the market for a product or service you want to sell, and where you’re going to go with this idea over the next five or ten years. When a business’ longevity is the biggest marker of their success, you can’t take a plan on a year by year basis.

So you’re going to need to sit down now and think about what you want from a company of your own. Where would you want to take an enterprise like this? Would you like to expand to international markets? How many products would you like to be rolling out each year? Do you think you have the capacity for ideas to keep the innovation going? After all, very few companies out there hit the mark completely with their first product and then never need to do anything else to reserve their spot in the public opinion! Make sure you’re not making the fairly easy mistake of thinking that’s how your company would work from the get go.

There’s a lot of legwork between now and that point, and you need to be sure you’ve got the time, energy, and motivation to get it all done. And that’s where your confidence comes in – feel free to practice pitching your ideas to your harshest critics (a.k.a., friends and family), and draft and redraft that business plan until you could construct an entire TED talk around it. You need to know your vision inside and out, and know you can talk for hours on it with light in your eyes and a spring in your step; these are both clear signs of passion and belief, and that’s just what you want the investors to see.

Learn in Your Spare-ish Time

Learning is something you always need to do on your journey to becoming confident enough to strike it rich with a business of you own. Your journey from here, sitting down and reading this post, to becoming the successful entrepreneur in a professional suit giving a talk to a bunch of University students about how you won the game, should be filled to the brim with learning opportunities.

Sure, you might not think you have the time to sit down with various people and various learning courses to make sure you’re collecting up all the right advice and knowhow, but you’ve always got some spare time on your hands! That work life balance everyone raves about is one you should focus on from the beginning – it makes sure you’re never letting your life be consumed by your dream, and helps you to better prioritise and focus your efforts in return. And when you know you can finish work in time to go home and have some dinner before heading to bed at a reasonable time, you can be the most confident person out on the street!

So be sure to put your wifi signal to good use as well, seeing as it has 24/7 access to all kinds of sites and email inboxes that will be of use to you. For example, logging onto the Walsh University’s online MBA programs will allow you to follow along with a degree program in running a business whenever you’ve got the time and chance to do so. You don’t need to block out years of your life to go back to college to build some confidence, you can do it right at home.

Know You Can Take a Risk (and then take one!)

Risks are something every business owner out there needs to take, seeing as they can be hugely profitable, and allow you to put your name on the map and set your sights on bigger and better opportunities. So knowing, from day one, that there are risks out there that you can take will better prepare you for doing so.

Would you consider yourself a risky person? Maybe you’ve never really jumped at the chance in the past to do something that’ll get your heart pounding and your bank account soaring, but you know you’d be willing to for the right price? Well, being a small business owner in the current day and age, where money comes from all over the world and the stock market can be accessed with just a few clicks, makes sure you’re facilitated.

And not only that, but there’s all kinds of skilled and talented people you can bring onboard for your journey as well! You can find them online and in the paper, and even just off the street if you place you adverts properly. Putting your faith in someone and having it pay off is no better reward; you’ve got a reliable and trustworthy individual you believes in your vision as much as you do, because you took a chance on them. Simply put, you’ve got more opportunity to be rightly risky than we’ve ever seen before. And that should fill you with excitement for the future.

Go Day by Day in Your Journey

Above we said it was bad to plan year by year in your initial stages for drumming up the right kind of confidence for starting your own business, but once you’ve got through the foundation stage, a technique like this can do wonders for your confidence and decision making based on it. After all, you’re a new and small business, and you’re not a corporate company that can predict the future and pull on the threads of the stock market whenever you want to! You’ve got to be comfortable going day by day, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Let Yourself Be Flexible

Your journey into being a confident and successful business owner shouldn’t consume your life, even if it feels like that’s the only way you’re going to achieve your goals. Once again, as we mentioned above, if you’ve got a good work life balance on your hands, you’re going to feel a lot happier and healthier about moving forward with your plans. So make sure you give yourself some flexible working hours.

Get up early to head to the office, and come home at lunch time. Go out to a business conference during the evening and early night hours, instead of slogging it through a mid morning meeting between a bunch of bored participants. Give yourself a weekend off every now and then, and come back Monday morning to the planning process with a refreshed glow about you. Let your schedule facilitate you, and not the other way around.

So, Feel Confident Enough to Run a Business?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but you know one day this dream is going to be sitting neatly in your hands. Don’t let go of that picture in your head; it’s one of the main motivating factors to get you moving on this journey!

Now’s your chance to get your business ambitions off of the ground, so make sure you’re totally ready before jumping right on in.