Searching for Love in Art: Most Memorable Incarnations of Love in Classic Novels

People have been passionate about romantic novels since time immemorial. After all, every novel is a bygone era that comes to life only on the fragrant pages of a book. Each romance novel is a saga about strong feelings, honor and dishonor, duty, struggle, losses and triumphs, death, and thirst for life. All of them form a part of world history and incarnate real human feelings. If you want to plunge into this amazing world of literature art, familiarize yourself with 5 most memorable incarnations of love in classic novels. The theme of love is the main but not the only subject of these novels – it is woven into the plot of a book as skillfully and deeply as it happens in life.

1. “Arch de Triomphe” Erich Maria Remarque

The works of Erich Maria Remarque are a refined world of feelings and deep emotions. His characters are strong people with their life drama, and this novel is no exception.

A chance meeting of two lonely people in Paris… He is a military surgeon who saves lives and hides from the French and the Nazis; she is an Italian actress who enjoys small mercies. It is not just a novel, it is the subtlest web of feelings and thoughts that

will surely find a response in the heart of every reader. This is a story about love in spite of everything, love that both inflict pain and gives endless joy.

2. “Pride and Prejudice” Jane Austen

“Pride and Prejudice” is one of the most famous novels of Jane Austen, on which she worked for seventeen years. It tells about the everyday life of the English nobility in the deep countryside about two hundred years ago. These are the pride and prejudice that prevent the main character – wealthy and smart Elizabeth Bennet – from believing in the seriousness of the feelings of the noble aristocrat Mr. Darcy, an eligible bachelor. After publication, this book immediately became one of the most popular novels about love and fate. If you want to start dating woman who love to read, give them such a present!

3. “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” David Herbert Lawrence

A young woman, Lady Chatterley, is married to a wonderful man. She is high on the social scale and held in respect and honor of others. But in her relationship, there is no love and hope for motherhood. Being driven into the frames of decency and traditions, she finds happiness in the arms of another man. At one time, this sensual and piercing story aroused censure of the stiff English and was banned for publication until 1960.

4. “Anna Karenina” Lev Tolstoi It is not just a novel about love, duty, and family – it is a whole encyclopedia of life. The main character leaves a hateful husband and beloved son for the sake of happiness with another man. Anna boldly looks into the eyes of the society that openly condemns her behavior. She feels loneliness and courageously endures sufferings but does not want and cannot step back from the chosen pass. The heroine is honest with herself, and the outcome of the plot only confirms her choice.

5. “Love in the Time of Cholera” Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This is a story of love conquering everything – time and space, the shoals of life, and even the imperfection of the human soul. A beautiful girl named Fermina rejects the

love of her childhood friend Florentino Aris and becomes the wife of Dr. Juvenal Urbino – a scientist who dreams of relieving the Spanish colonies from cholera. But Florentino does not lose hope. He just waits – waits and loves. And the frantic power of his love only grows stronger over the years. Such love is admirable. People compose songs and legends about such feelings. Passion as the meaning of life. Fidelity as the essence of the existence itself…