5 Key Factors That Create a Good Business Website in 2020

Running a business takes a lot of strategy and preparation. And nowadays there are a lot of things that cannot be overlooked, like a website. With so many Internet users, your business will benefit greatly from having an online presence no matter your industry. The good news is that you don’t have to have any professional technical experience with the Internet to create a good business website, services like businesstrex are here to help you. Here are five key factors that can give you an edge on competitor websites in 2020.

1. Contact Information

There’s nothing worse than not being able to get in contact with a business you’re interested in. When users have to search your site or the Internet far and wide for an email address, number or mailing address, they are far more likely to be dissatisfied or discouraged from using your business. 

2. Clear Navigation

Any map should be clear and simple. All pages on your site should be clearly defined and easily read. Here is not the place to be clever. Stick to “about,” “FAQ,” “contact,” etc. so that visitors of your site can get where they want to go quickly and easily. And remember to include a call to action. Whether it is to purchase something, sign up for your email list or call for a quote, it is totally up to you. Have clear and obvious goals for your visitors.

3. Good Hosting

Hosting is where your business stores its awesome web content. It needs to be swift as a gazelle and load your pages within a fraction of a second. When any page on your site takes more than a few seconds to load, users think something is wrong and move on to the next thing on their Internet search list. A slow site will increase your bounce rate and lower your ranking with search engines, which will make it more difficult for Internet users to find you.

4. A Mobile-Ready Site

It is very disappointing and annoying for users when they cannot properly view your website on their mobile device. More than 60% of Internet users use a mobile device to access the web according to Hosting Facts. This means that if your site does not display correctly on a mobile device, that user is likely to leave your site without discovering what your business has to offer. 

5. Social Media Integration

With social media being the biggest thing since the Internet, having a social media presence is crucial to just about every business. It will increase your company’s visibility and engage both customers and potential customers. If you have social media handles, they should be integrated into your website. This allows site visitors or social media visitors to move between a social media platform and your website. It should increase traffic on both ends.

Having a great website is a lot simpler than you may have thought. And if you keep these things in mind you are already on the road to an awesome site that will drive traffic and increase your profits.