Getting Your Ads Noticed: Top 6 PPC Mistakes That Are Draining Your Budget like No Tomorrow

There’s no such thing as the perfect ad in any online business. But marketers don’t really have a choice and they have to make the best with what’s offered. That’s why it’s important to at least have good ads that get the job done.

That makes it easy for mistakes to be made and to have poor ads that cost more revenue than they bring in. Here are 6 mistakes you should be avoiding to maintain your budget.

1. Wrong Targeting

You may want your product to become global, but targeting the entire world as your demographic is not the best idea. It gets expensive and the focus on your ad can be lost if it’s too broad.

People in different countries have different purchasing power so it’s unlikely that one set ad can target everyone’s needs. Instead, have a location objective in mind and focus on that one. You can get some help figuring out where your target demographic with some help from Best Digital Marketing Agencies Mumbai.

2. Bidding on the Wrong Keywords

Even though you’re spending money to find the right target keywords, you don’t want to be lazy with it. That can get you keywords that very few people are using, which means you’re just throwing money away. Invest some time and effort into finding keywords that are targeted towards your digital marketing campaign so that you can increase your click-to-conversion ratio.

3. No Match Between the Ad and the Landing Page

Any ad that you have should consist of a summary and represent the landing page your customers are going to click to. They want to see the offer that lured them in the first place, and if they don’t see that, they’re going to click away. They shouldn’t have to dig through the contents of your site to find exactly what they’re looking for.

4. Lack of A/B Testing

To strengthen your business, you have to figure out what advertising does and doesn’t work. By doing this, you can see which talking points are working for you so you can focus more time and money on those. By not doing any testing, you’re throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best. That also wastes money on advertising that’s obviously not working.

5. Not Setting Negative Keywords

Trying to appear on as many search engines as possible maybe a goal you’re striving towards, but have you considered there may be some terms you don’t want your site to show up for?

Setting some negative words for your ads will ensure that you’re not ending up in results that may mislead your customers.

6. Poor Ad Copy

Who are you writing ads for? Are you writing to them to make you happy or are you trying to obtain potential customers? Of course, you want to do business so you should be aiming for ad word choices that would draw as many customers are possible. Since you don’t have a lot of space to work with, word choice is important, so invest time and money into good ad copy.

Avoiding these PPC mistakes will help your business to thrive and save you more money in the future. PPC may feel like a catch-all in gathering customers, but if you’re throwing your money into the wrong tactics, it’s all just a waste.