Finding Inspiration In Forex’s New and Old Stars

Forex remains one of the most tricky but potentially rewarding trading markets available to entrepreneurs. The potential to make huge sums of money is there, as best evidenced by the $1 billion that legendary investor George Soros earned from a single trade. Forex is changing, however, with political turmoil and the impact of digital coins and technology impacting on a market that has otherwise changed little in its lifetime. Finding your continued success can best be done by looking to the newest stars in the business.

Marrying technology to brokerage

One of the most transformative processes to affect forex trading is the web. The impact it has made has only increased over the past decade with the advent of super high speed internet. As a result of increasing technology, the market has become competitive, favoring high leverage forex brokers who are able to present value through their rates. Nowadays there are even websites like that provide reviews on the best forex brokers available and what they have to offer across different criteria such as currencies exchange rates and a variety of trading tools. This allows for customers to make well-informed decisions about their choice of brokers, ultimately expanding markets and providing more value while competing in an ever-growing convergence of high-tech services. Taking the next step through technology is the all-round use of artificial technology. In the US, Hassan Mahmoud has made waves for not only implementing AI technology in his training programs but providing that information across the full range of forex professions.

Ahead of the curve

With expanding technology, forex offers rewards for those who are ahead of the curve. Nobody exemplifies this better than Brian Armstrong, who, in 2012 – at the age of 28 – founded Coinbase, the website described by Forbes as the ‘nerve center’ of cryptocurrency. As a currency, cryptocurrency has its own particular region of forex to call home, but still very much qualifies. With the rapidly expanding nature of cryptocurrency, having an analytical mind that can pre-empt new technological shifts and the way the market will shift is a wonderful talent for any budding entrepreneur to have. With technology playing an ever increasing role in all forms of financial markets, those with this pattern-identifying type of work mindset will benefit in particular.

Sometimes old is gold

Despite all of the technological overhauls impacting forex trading, some of the most successful traders of all time have taught lessons that remain relevant to this day. As noted by, having a clear philosophy of how to apply yourself to business is key to succeeding. They cite the case of Edward Seykota, the creator of record profits, who stood by five principles; cut losses, ride winners, keep bets small, follow the rules without question and know when to try and change those rules. While this is just an example, the success of traders who stuck to their principles and overriding strategy is worth paying attention to.

Forex trading is an excellent arena for a new business to get in to. It can be the source of huge profits, with a market that should remain evergreen – nations will always need to trade money. Finding inspiration in a competitive market can be difficult, but the trick is to look in new places. Tying that with wisdom from older generations can give you the strategy your business needs to succeed.