Your Business In The Palm Of Your Hand

Whatever your business, the need for an office is diminishing. With so much power in the palm of our hands, our smartphones are overtaking computers in terms of usefulness.

Businesses these days need to be on their feet and always moving. There shouldn’t be superfluous tasks, and they don’t make you money. Wasting time on menial administration that could be done in a much simpler way, is time that could have been spent driving your business and making money. 

Quite often, people complete tasks without thinking, just because it has always been done that way. But usually there are easier ways that are more efficient. Smartphones and tablets in the workplace remove the need for many of these overblown tasks. They simplify every process, and they are intuitive, adaptable, and easy to use.

Often, sole traders would need time spent in an office to catch up on administration. They may even need an assistant somewhere, taking calls and booking appointments. With the use of smartphones, there is less of a need for this. All admin can be done on the go, and with messaging apps and email, there are so many ways to connect with your customers, and they can get a response from you promptly.

Whether it’s software for restaurant owners or apps for tracking your tax returns, there are portable and straightforward ways of meeting your business needs from wherever you are, be that front of house, in the back, on the go, or at home. The workplace has become flexible, and having the ability to access your data when you’re away from the business, can lead to a better work-life balance. 

A few ways that your smartphone can help you in your career include: 

Using Maps For Driving Jobs

Taxi drivers have this well in hand, using Google maps they plan the quickest route, using up-to-date congestion information. Information about their next fare will come through using an app, and payment can be taken online, making it easier for passengers, and no need for the driver to carry cash. 

Appointment Setting

For anyone who works in a role where you need to meet with clients often, an appointment booking app can help with planning. Clients can book their appointments online, making everything more straightforward for everyone concerned. 

Freelance Writers

Finding work can be made easier with apps to connect people needing content creation with freelancers looking for work. The turnaround time for work can be made much faster with an instant connection between client and writer. The work can be created on smartphones and immediately uploaded once completed. 


One of the least popular jobs of any sole trader has to be completing tax returns. Many people will put off the task until the deadline before panicking. There are several great apps that can be used to track your income and expenditure from your phone, allowing you to capture and save receipts and invoices, before sorting adding all of this information into an easy to use document for submission. This has application to so many people in many professions. 

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    Responding to clients quickly is a characteristic your clients will expect, which means you have everything you need in the palm of your hand in order to respond wherever you are during the day.

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