3 Reasons Why Your Cybersecurity Policy May Need A Revamp

Improve cybersecurity policy.

It can be easy to overlook the cybersecurity element of your business when you have other more pressing priorities.

While you are more concerned with implementing your business vision, ensuring that your cash flow remains buoyant and driving traffic to your website, you need to be considering the best way to ward off cybercriminals.

Crimes conducted via the Internet are on the increase as hackers become more savvy, more discreet and more adept at navigating firewalls and other cybersecurity measures.

Take a look at how you can overhaul your cybersecurity to ensure that your business assets as safe as houses.

Staff Training

While you may have handed out an A4 sheet of paper detailing the dos and don’ts of Internet conduct, have you actually gone so far as to deliver training to your staff team?

The importance of cybersecurity can often be brushed under the carpet.

We all know about the dodgy text scams suggesting that you need to pay a prince in Nigeria a few hundred dollars before you can claim your Nigerian lottery prize, but what about that fairly authentic looking attachment in an official looking email?

One click of a mouse and your entire network of data could be compromised. Train your staff annually – a refresher is never a bad way of spending a couple of hours.

Keep Data On A Need To Know Basis

You trust your staff. However, it is a matter of vigilance to keep the most sensitive data you have in the mythical cloud or on a hard drive on a need to know basis.

Ensure that the data is password protected and encrypted. You could even add a further level of security and add Jumio’s Netverify identity check to approve access to your data. Using facial recognition, documents cannot be forged to gain access to your documents.

When instructing your staff to develop passwords, make sure that they only use a random selection of alphanumeric characters and symbols of twelve characters or more. Every three months, prompt your staff team to change their passwords. This way, your security measures always remain fresh.


No business is one hundred per cent secure. Even companies like the NHS in the UK and Reddit have suffered major data breaches. You can only put in as many security measures as you can and trust that the human error element of unleashing a virus or spyware onto your systems is kept at low risk.

Should your business assets become compromised, it’s vital that you have a backup of your data so that you can continue functioning as a business entity. Without this you run the risk of losing customers, being unable to fulfill orders, having no access to documentation and losing the integrity of your business.

If you haven’t taken a look at your cybersecurity for a year or more, now’s the time to revisit it. With the emerging technological advances that cybercriminals are enjoying, you need to harness your own for the security of your business.