What To Do When You Fail A Test

Have you ever walked out of a test and thought “That exam sucked”? This post is for you if you failed a test or simply did worse than you wanted to.

Whether you put as much effort into it as possible or know you could have studied more, the result still stings and it’s difficult to overcome.

But in my experience, the 3 R Strategy is highly effective for when you get a bad grade. The three Rs are relax, recoup, and rebound.

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What To Do When You Fail A Test

1. Relax


First, take a deep breath. Then realize that you’re probably not the only one who did bad on that test and everyone does poorly on an exam at some point. Basically, don’t feel isolated in this circumstance, because you’re not the only one.

Also, realize that you’ve failed in other moments of life and you’re fine today. Think of this recent setback as a similar moment.

Remember, unless you’re going into certain industries, your grade point average doesn’t matter as much as you think it would. If you’re not planning on working in investment banking, consulting, or a top law school, you’re probably going to be fine.

That’s not to say you should slack off, but to say your future isn’t dependent on your GPA.

So, take a break and do whatever relaxes you (nap, talk to friends, workout, eat, drink). Because if you’re not mentally relaxed, it’s extremely difficult to move on to the next steps.

2. Recoup


After you have a controlled psychological state, it’s time to regain your direction.

If you did fail or perform under your expectations, then talk to your professor. He or she will have the most perspective on what you did right and wrong this previous time, and tips for studying better for the next exam.

While classmates and friends can be helpful (and I believe you should also talk to them), no one has as much insight as your professor. That’s one reason to be friends with your professor.

Assuming you did study, show the professor exactly what you did and detail how much time you spent. This will give them more information to help you.

Also, try to find a top student in the class and ask them how they study. I will bet that they will be more than likely to give you some advice.

By the end of this process, you want to have answered these questions:

  • Did I study the right material?
  • Did I study enough in advance?
  • Did I study enough?
  • What could I do better?
  • How did the students who did the best on the exam study?
  • Do I need to go to class more?

3. Rebound


Now that you’re mentally relaxed and have a greater perspective of what went wrong, start the rebound.

Look at the date of your next exam and prepare accordingly. You can prepare by:

  • Executing The Chip Away Strategy to ace an exam and keep free time to enjoy the week
  • Using focused preparation to get the most out of your time
  • Taking the knowledge you gained from speaking with your professor and top students in the class to improve your study process
  • Get refreshed on and avoid these dumb exam mistakes

Don’t be discouraged by your last exam score. Instead, be encouraged now that you have better information and resources to improve.

Last Words

Getting a bad grade can ruin your present day, but don’t let it ruin your next day. Instead, spend time relaxing, gaining perspective, and then making an action plan to study for the following exam.

A bad grade is a reflection of how you studied, and not a reflection of you.

Grades don’t define you. But, how you move on from struggles can define you.

Lastly, no one became successful without failing. So, you have that going for you!

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Brian Robben

Brian Robben is the founder of Take Your Success, a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs grow a profitable business and reach freedom. For in-depth training, visit: brianrobben.com

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  1. Kuku

    Great article Brian! Today ( 16/11/2015 ) , I failed my Chemistry 25 Points Paper. Probably scoring below 7 , which is the passing mark. I was mentally disturbed the night before the paper as I had an argument with my boyfriend. Also , I dislike chemistry and due to that reason my basics aren’t clear, that was lessens my interest to dive into the subject. My relationship with my professor is strained as well. I’m currently in grade 11. Will be glad to relate to somebody who is going through something similar or has experience.

    1. Brian Robben

      It can be nearly impossible to be productive when you’re mentally distracted, so I understand why you didn’t do so well. With that said, there is still time to bring your grade up, so stay positive and don’t give up.

      1. Sifael steven

        Just find me with this email because i need ur advice

        1. Brian Robben

          I’ll send you an email.

          1. Mariela

            I failed my Filipino 30 points exam today. I just got 9 points and that was my first time to get as lowest as that. It feels depressing and all to think how I did not do well enough because of being mentally distracted due to our research proposal next week. Ive drown myself into it, not considering other subjects to study. I really felt bad because I have seen how my classmates got shocked to hear that lowest score coming from me. It id new to them because they know I strive hard to maintain being the top student. I also hate myself comparing my score to others who got higher scores. I feel like I’m doomed.

    2. Chel Bera

      I am in the same grade as u and I just failed a huge chemistry exam. Only one person for a D on the exam and that person happened to be me. I know just how you feel but don’t give up and push on.

      1. Eric

        I failed my math test…..when I went online and checked my results,my heart dropped on the ground.Thoughts running through my mind…….I keep saying to myself,if I don’t get good grades for my math test,I won’t achieve my ambition as an engineer.I’m in deep pain right now and I fear that my parents would think I’m a disappointment.I never ever failed in a math test,ever in my whole life.

        1. aysa

          its awful when my enemy passed the exam by discussing with other person while i failed

        2. shreya shetty

          I too failed in my quarterly maths exam this time.i am presently studying in class 11 pcmc.what to do???I cant stop crying because maths has become a nightmare for me to trouble also it has turned from a friend into an enemy.i don’t feel sleepy nowdays after remembering my failure till then.seriously also my parents were very disappointed with my performance and never helped me,only me I was left all alone to manage myself helpless isolated and dying to score good marks.i never ever failed in mathematics throughout my entire lifetime

          1. shreya shetty

            please thers got to be some way to get off from this terrible maths failure nightmare of mine.i cant take it anymore,now also I feel like crying.please suggest me some useful tips to study and score better marks

    3. Rahul Joshi

      Hey ,
      I study in class 11 , I changed my subject 15 days prior to exam I chose mathematics and today was my exam I think due lack of practice and concentration I am sure that I will fail today’s exam.
      What should I do I have never failed an exam from my childhood and what will happen to my relationship with teacher , I was academic achiever previous year.

      1. Brian Robben

        First, explain what happened to your teacher and be honest about changing your subject. He or she will appreciate you communicating what happened and how you know you need more practice and focus to do well on the next one. Then study with the Chip Away Strategy going forward: https://takeyoursuccess.com/how-to-study-in-college-the-chip-away-strategy/

    4. Anna Ablove

      I feel you, I also take grade 11 chem, I was reading this article bc I nearly failed an Algebra 2 test; I was so sleep deprived that I made the dumbest mistakes ever. I got a 65 and the only fundamental error was on a multiple choice. My teacher offers no extra credit. My chem teacher is pretty chill, but good luck with yours!

    5. Anonymous

      Similar here. I’m in 7th and I failed my midterms at 56 out of a hundred. Even my cousin got a higher grade an that supposed me due to reasons. The thing is that my science teacher always plays this game that reviews things and she gives us 50 questions. Well on those I also pass basically in 1st place to 5th place. This time I was thinking I might’ve gotten a 72 at least. I was surprised with my outcome. Although I feel nervous around my science teacher because to me she rarely smiles. I’m a good student and I get good grades but tomorrow we start school again after mlk day and so I have her second period. I just hope things go well since I have been pondering over this for a pretty long time. I haven’t even got the test back. I always had a pretty optimistic way of thinking of myself than of the world and so I always get my hopes up and then it all goes downhill. ????????????????????????????

      1. 6th Grader

        I have the same issue where I feel that I did great on a test and get it back just to be very dissapointed with my grade. Iḿ getting an F in math will I fail the whole year if I fail 1 quarter?

    6. Anonymous please

      I failed my science test and I actually wasn’t the only one who failed so I relaxed and said”you know what? I am not going to let this ruin my weekend”

      1. Brian Robben

        That’s a great perspective to have, because in the long run this test isn’t going to affect your future in the slightest.

  2. Harshit

    Hi, Today i failed in the Strategy exam of my MBA. i am already placed in the top consultancy company of the world. I have got excellent grades in other subjects but flunked in this bloody hell Strategy exam. I am totally depressed. I am concerned about my job. If they find out then i may lose it… This thought is killing me

    1. Brian Robben

      Is it standard for them to check your grades?

      1. Harshit

        They have already checked the grades till my second semester. As I was having good grades so there was no problem. I think they will not ask for grades of this semester.

        1. Brian Robben

          Sounds like you should be in pretty good shape!

          1. Sifael steven

            Bt its hurts so much when you becom a fail its mak u to be dissopointed like me

  3. Madie Bernal

    Today is the second day of our exams. And, I am not satisfied with my answers since yesterday, which was the first day. I have studied. But not very well. And now I feel like I will fail so bad. I just feel like crying. Right now, I am still saddened. I don’t know what my grades in the exam would be, as well as my final grade. I am still hoping that there would be no failing grade on my report card. I am so stressed right now thinking of my grades. I can’t relax.

    1. Brian Robben

      If I’m not too late in posting this, you need to take some time to relax so your mind can focus on the task at hand. Don’t let previous struggles turn into more struggles. Obviously all this is easier said than done, but best of luck to you! You’ll be ok!

    2. Madie Bernal

      i just failed my trigonometry exam and i am very disappointed. I was expecting this to happen but then i still don’t know what to feel after seeing my very bad grade.

  4. Brian Robben

    I understand where you’re coming from, but I focused more on being honest with my audience and telling it as it is. Is the detail necessary? Maybe not. Do I want people to get the impression that I fail exams and then give advice on study strategies to get As? Definitely not.

  5. Elizabeth

    I just failed my neuroscience exam. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and did have a panic attack during the exam. I’m usually able to calm down but I couldn’t this time. The test was worth half of my grade and I’m really worried about not passing now.

    1. Brian Robben

      I’m really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I’m not experienced with anxiety or panic attacks, but I do have experience in preparing for exams. I found that the The Chip Away Method and Focused Preparation blog posts (you can find them in the Start Here tab on the navigation menu) are really helpful to succeed on exams. Best wishes to you. And remember that life is much bigger than exam scores or even jobs, as hard as it may be to have that perspective right now.

    2. skh

      Me to same problem but don’t worry it will be easy. I am from India I failed in 3 subjects .math phy chem- But I thought positively and I passed next time.I studied only in one month and passed.

  6. Aadhyatm

    Hey Brian, I am from India and I am In 9th class. I have failed in maths test and Retest too. Today my stage is that they school people are not passing me to class 10th and they are saying me to detain in class 9th,but that would be very insulting among students and teachers too. My whole family is stressed and me too. Pls. understand my situation here. I would perform well in class 10th I promise them but they are not listening, please! please! for God sake please help me out of here….

    1. Brian Robben

      Hey I’m sorry to hear about your situation. That seems really tough.

      Have you tried studying by The Chip Away Strategy (https://takeyoursuccess.com/how-to-study-in-college-the-chip-away-strategy/)? I believe if you follow these steps, then you’ll for sure do better on your exam. But unfortunately I can’t help you with your school or teachers since I’m not informed about what’s exactly going on.

  7. Percy

    Hey Brian. I have just got my physics marks for MCQ today and apparently I did it very badly and that does not include the subjective part of the test. I have studied the test for the whole weekend and my mates, who didn’t, scored better than me. At this rate, I will likely fail my Physics course for this semester. I am stressed that my friends did better than me although they didn’t put much effort.

    1. Brian Robben

      That has to be frustrating when your friends study less and get better grades. I’ve been there before and it’s not a good feeling. Have you tried studying for your test weeks in advance? It may seem like too far in advance, but if you can put in 1 to 2 hours each day in advance, you’ll retain more than cramming on a weekend.

  8. Ammar

    I completely flunked a math test today. I’m super saddened and I even feel like I’m about to cry whenever I think about how bad I did on the test.I’m a straight A student and only got 2 B’s and a B+, the rest A’s on my report card out of about 28. I feel like I’m doing really terrible this semester and I’m even having trouble reading the questions. I understand how to answer a question, but I seem to be mis-reading some words which seem to be making the biggest difference. Any tips on how to focus better during a test and not get so nervous/stressed out during an exam.

    1. Ammar

      I forgot to mention that everyone did a retest since most of the class did poorly on the first test and that makes me feel even worse that I did terrible on the retest too. It was only because I mis-read ONE word. I read ‘x-axis’ instead of ‘y-axis’.

      1. Brian Robben

        Before the exam, make sure you get a good night’s sleep, try to exercise (even if for a little), and take five to ten minutes to take deep breaths. And my advice to relax during the exam is to look at this test as a game where you’re showing how much you know. This puts a positive focus on your actions, instead of the test being the aggressor and you trying not to mess up. Hope that helps!

        1. Anonymous

          I just failed a quiz last Friday and it was out of 10, I’m a junior and high school and Im retaking this class(math) since I failed it, this quiz kind of discourages me cause I didn’t really do well last year. I am really bad at this subject any other ways to improve in a hard subject?

          1. Brian Robben

            I’d recommend that you study what you went over in class that day after school for at least 30 minutes a day. These short study sessions will give your brain the time it needs to nail the concepts down. And you won’t have to study as much when it comes time for quizzes or exams if you’re always up to date on the class material.

  9. Syed Haziq

    Today was my Maths paper (Class 10th) and I think I will get just 15/20 . Now I am not that depressed because it was a unit test exam but your tips will help me I guess to relax. THANKS!

    1. Brian Robben

      A 15/20 isn’t bad. If you didn’t already, I’d recommend you find out when the next exam is and start preparing two weeks in advance for it. One to two hours a day for two weeks should help you crush it.

      1. Syed Haziq

        Thanks sir

  10. Sindy

    I studied almost everyday, and I still failed. What should I do? I really don’t know what to do. Will I be forever failing?

    1. Brian Robben

      Have you visited your teacher in office hours? I’ve found that they’re usually the most helpful and will tell you how to study and prepare for their exams.

  11. johanna ramos

    I studied every night and still got a C on my chemistry exam! I am so stressed out because my professor told me I am still failing the class because of my low scores on quizzes! He is not really making sense to me on his grading…the exams are worth more. There is one more exam coming up and the final! I really need to find a way to As those two..This is my last class to graduate. Since I work full time, M-F 8:30 to 6pm I am married and I am a mother of two kids it has taken me forever to get this far…I am so sad, angry and disappointed about this class. It will be a big set back for me. And I worked so hard to get my GPA to 3.4 . Do you think the best thing to do is study the upcoming chapters? or what do you suggest? There is no class this coming week, the professor has an emergency. Planning to still go to the library .

      1. johanna ramos

        Thank you! I think that strategy is a great idea! I am going to start now. Wish me luck!

        1. Brian Robben

          You can do it! Stay positive.


    I can’t remember what I read I forget everything quickly.My friends read for twice and they remember.I qualified my state entrance exam for engineering.I just qualified .qualify dissent matter in our state .Rank decides the appropriate college suitable for the student.But I love engineering mechanical. My parents are comparing me with others. I am totally stressed.I am not able to study. Plessss help!!!!

  13. jatin

    I failed in final year after studying 7years in college and failed in final year thats really sad

    1. Brian Robben

      That’s so tough. I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything you can do to recover?

  14. Sahil

    It was my exam today of business mathematics and statistics. I’m a boy and I never cry but today I cried a lot, because I did not perform well in exam, I belong to a very poor family, and studying is expensive, I only got 2 hours of sleep since last 48 hours, I was studying all night, but I don’t know what just happened in the examination Hall, I looked at the questions and accept that I don’t know these questions. I did very little, and did one wrong, and when I was coming outside I noticed that I did a wrong answers which I know very well. I skipped a lot of questions and did very little including the wrong one. It never happened to me before. But I think maybe it was my fault. I don’t know where but it was mine. I should have studied much and all the topics carefully. I just can’t look at myself in the mirror. If I get fail so I’ll get a chance to qualify the backlog exam next year. And I don’t know how would I live with the one backlog exam pressure. And it was my last exam today. And I’ve now 2 and a half months of summer holidays. I just can’t stop thinking about it. And I’ve so much to tell but it already went so long. I just want to live a peaceful life, I dream alot. And passionate.

  15. Alisha

    My parents never understands mee….

    1. Brian Robben

      What don’t they understand?

  16. asmita

    just i got my 12 result .i was shock by seeing that i failed in maths .i cant tell you how i am feeling now. i studied more then also this happened it is unbeliveing for me .why why why this happened with me . what should i do now.

    1. Brian Robben

      I’m truly sorry to hear that. Just know that a test doesn’t define you and although it’s hard to realize it in the moment, some positive things come out of bad experiences.

  17. Ellie

    I just failed my Physics test. It is the first time I have failed an exam. I tried my hardest and studied really hard but I don’t understand why I did so bad. I usually do OK on exams and since it is my first time failing it has ruined my day. I tried my hardest but I can’t seem to accept it and end it with saying I tried my best. What should I do?

    1. Brian Robben

      The only thing you can do is to learn from it and keep moving forward. I know that’s not exactly easy to hear, but there’s some positive growth that happens in going through struggles. And study using The Chip Away Method next time to do better on your exams.

  18. Tshego

    I m lazy and failing to study , i sleep most of the time

    1. Brian Robben

      Do you sleep more than 8 hours a day?

  19. Dana

    I just failed my math exam yesterday and im so sad!!! My parents shouted on me and took my mobile phone… I’m starting tomorrow my summer vacations!! Im sure my parents will not let me go out with my friends… And the problem is that my class teacher is giving me private courses at home and im in loveee with her and now she doesn’t want to teach me anymore bcz im not showing her progress and my dad is paying very much to get good marks… And i just failed.. This is the first time i fail because im always the first in my class and im very brave but i dont know what happened yesterday… I dont have anyone to share my pain with so i decided to write here what im feeling !! I still have 3 exams tmrw and i cant concentrate and study because my failure cant go from my mind… I NEED AN ADVICE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!????????????????

    1. Dana

      I forgot to tell you that I studied very much !!! Thats why im sad bcz all my efforts went without progress

      1. Brian Robben

        Feel free to vent. If my message isn’t too late, it’s not helpful to be stuck on a previous mistakes. Like athletes, it’s best to have amnesia to to previous mistakes and keep your head up. Plus, you can only do so much studying the night before, so a good night’s sleep is your best bet. Good luck to you!

  20. Aliza

    I failed in my French exam and they gave me a retest I went for the retest but it didn’t go well I know I didn’t do well again and after a few days I got to know I failed in my retest also they have given me a date for a re re test and if I don’t pass this I will be detained what should I do

  21. Aliza

    But there’s one problem even if I pass this re retest in French my parents are not happy with the other marks although I passed in all the others and they said they are gonna make me repeat my class and they won’t listen to me I don’t want to be embarrassed

  22. Tabitha

    I am taking a summer AP class, everything is compressed into 8 weeks so we have an online quiz and an in class test every week. I go to every class twice a week and I go faithfully. I always pay attention never getting distracted. I do great on all of my work EXCEPT the in class tests! Im constantly studying but when it comes time for the test I can only remember certain things therefore I have failed every test so far. 1st test was 51/100 2nd test was 45/100! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or maybe this just isn’t meant for me but I could use some advice

    1. Brian Robben

      That’s a tough situation because you’re doing everything right up until the test.

      I’d recommend reviewing the class notes for 30 minutes after each class and asking yourself potential test questions. Also, tell the professor exactly what you’re doing and see how they can help. I’ve found that teachers are very sympathetic to students who are putting in the work, and that’s the case for you. Then I’d study with The Chip Away Strategy: https://takeyoursuccess.com/how-to-study-in-college-the-chip-away-strategy/

      Hope that helps you!

      1. Chabod

        Hey Brian. I need your advice. A boy defeated me in an exam and he hates me. Please tell me how to defeat him in the coming exam.

  23. Shriti

    I am in 9th. the previous session I failed in maths but in retest I passed I just want to improve myself, please suggest me some ways so that I can improve in the same

    1. Brian Robben

      Doing the hard work is going to give you the best results: Studying the notes after class each day. Studying a week in advance of exams. Going to office hours when you’re confused.

  24. Allie

    Thank you for the article. It made me feel better. I am taking Physics and I got a 70 on the last one (which is extremely well considering how it is weighted), so I did the same study tactic for the second exam over a week in advance for hours. This time I made a 35. I am very sad. I felt like I knew less for the first one than I did for the second. Now I am very anxious that on the third exam if I think I have something correct it will be wrong. I have to make a 55 in order to make an A in the course. I’ve never experience this before. What would you do?

    1. Brian Robben

      I’d talk to the professor about exam two and explain what you studied, then ask where you went wrong and what you should do different for the next exam. Odds are he/she will appreciate your effort and concern, and give you helpful insight for exam three. Stay positive along the way!

  25. MAY

    Am in my 2nd semester year 2..My 1st year result was so bad..i really did not put much efforts but i neva expected those grades…now i hv lost confidence in myself…although am still trying to bubble up and get my destined As and also the course am studying is not really the course i intend to study i wanted to study International studies and diplomacy but am studying Accountancy due to the fact that there was no I S D course there…it’s not easy for me..i want say the courses are difficult but they are challenging…just that the people around me are not helping at all..i don’t want to fail..i hate to fail…my most challenging course is Intermediate Accounting…i don’t know what to do…

    1. Brian Robben

      What causes you to struggle? Is it procrastination? Not knowing effective study strategies? Feel free to email me (brian@takeyoursuccess.com) and I’ll do my best to help you.

  26. Ariba

    I failed my maths test and really don’t know how to tell my parents. I’m in the tenth grade and the unit test marks are not that important. should I tell my parents?

    1. Brian Robben

      That’s a tough call. Without knowing your parents or the situation, it’s hard to say. Do the unit test marks put you in jeopardy of failing the class?

  27. Abigail

    I failed acs113 test am not happy with my performance ,I read but I forgot Wat to do in d hall and D test is over 30 I didn’t reach half of 30 and my exams is over 60 am just scared I don’t want to fail this course

  28. Sally

    I failed three quizes!!!!!!!!

  29. Lou

    I completely agree

  30. Kay

    I failed my first math exam. I don’t know how to prepare for the next exam since it wasn’t like that homework questions in that textbook.

  31. Kartik

    Today was my Maths paper and I think I’ll fail cause first of all I don’t like maths and second that I don’t understand it
    I used to be a good grader in maths till 9th but now I’m in 11th and things don’t se to work out
    I’ve failed three times in a row and I don’t know what to do cause I feel like suiciding
    Please advice

    1. Brian Robben

      Hey Kartik, I can see how that’s stressful and painful. Is it possible to study a subject you love? It seems like you don’t love math.

      If you want a study plan, use this one: https://takeyoursuccess.com/how-to-study-in-college-the-chip-away-strategy/

      And your life is much more valuable than a bad math grade, so remember that. You have people around you that care about you. Have you thought about getting help?

  32. *** Boy 999

    How come i study a shit ton and I feel confident then I take the test and feel like I got an A then I get it back and get a fucking D! Like WTF this makes no fucking sense.

    1. Brian Robben

      How many hours and days in advance do you study? What subject is it? I might be able to help after knowing more information.

  33. Tea

    Thank you for this post. I’ve recently failed my monthly Physics exam which was worth 50% of my grade, and I won’t be able to pass properly even if I score a 10 in the next test (which is tomorrow and I’ve been studying like crazy for it). It’s good to see possibilities on what to do about these things, so thank you a lot! Are there any ways I could study better even with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorder? They set me back incredibly in studying and make me lose a lot of interest. Thank you if you do respond.

  34. Prena

    I m in a big tension about my result what to do

  35. Alyssa

    I was reading the other people comments, I can relate to this so much. Since the beginning of this year I’m in my freshman year. Always I’m in my 2nd quarter of the year since last quarter I failed every quiz and quarterly I’ve token and passed the first quarter with an 70% . Today I took a quiz and got an 38% on it. I always been study so hard but I don’t pass any of my quizzes or tests in math. I don’t like math and don’t understand it, I was so good at math in middle school and now I’m just screwing up my grades. I always stay after school to get help and I understand sometimes but always forget and don’t understand later on. My homework, classwork and spirals are all A’s but I feel like suiciding which isn’t a good thing and feeling very stressful. Please Advice

  36. Ismail Mahmud

    I am in Class 9th in science group.My Final Examination has ended a week ago.I got the result today and
    I failed in chemistry.I am now so worried. what will i do now?I’m worried my promotion to 10th wil stuck.I only failed in this subject.I called my Teacher for this matter but he didn’t respond to me.It’s like he didn’t even cared.So what should I do..

    1. Brian Robben

      That’s tough. It seems like the situation is out of your control at this point. The only think you can do is to accept the result and use it as motivation to be more successful in the future. I know that’s vague, but I don’t know the details about the situation you’re in.

  37. Bhavin

    I have failed my maths exam but i had prepared better i cant understand what to do my maths teacher hadn’t revised me the chapters and i was not confident while writing . I was doing lots of mistakes my answers were not coming and tears were rolling out of my nose and eyes i was feeling uncomfortable through I attempted but couldn’t write the whole paper and bymistakely i wrote 2nd part of maths in first paper . Iam not understanding what to do because my all other exam went good but this was worst i m depressed now feeling like crying

  38. Karyll Cordova

    I have a big problem in math. I always fail in all of my test. I feel so bad and I even studied hard and still no progress. It really hurts my heart. My teacher always gives us hard test and its so complicated. Even all of my classmates cant even answer it. I NEED SOME ADVICE. PLEASE HELP ME

  39. Yash

    Today was my English exam, there was a question of writing a Story and I just wrote nearly one page which was of 8 marks, also after discussing the exam with my friends I found a mistake which cost me 1 mark. Saying straight, my exam wasn’t good which I didn’t expected. Whenever this happens with me, I always think of what my parents, teachers and friends will think about me, that I’m changed, i should not spend my time watching my phone etc. etc. all these thoughts automatically come to my mind. What to do? Just stuck…

    1. Brian Robben

      Sorry to hear the bad news. Well there’s nothing left to do in the past. The only thing is to stay focused, discipline, and work hard in the future so you don’t do bad and feel bad again.

      1. Yash

        Thanks for your humble reply

  40. Rachael

    I always get 90% and above in all my exams but recently I took a maths exam and received a 47%. Everyone in my class was all over it, ‘oh, I got better than you!’ and it’s awful. I don’t boast about my scores and yet everyone is talking about my one bad score. I can cope with the score, it’s not going to ruin my future, but I can’t deal with everyone’s reactions.

    1. Brian Robben

      That’s a shame your classmates are being annoying about their scores to you. It’s a good experience though to give less power to the opinions of others and focus on what you can control: like kicking butt on that next test.

  41. Smruti

    Hey Brian actually m from india …now m in class 12th. …in 10th I had 93 % …I was good in studies …but in 12th we have entrance mcq exam…which is more imp than school n board exams….so I never paid more time for school exam…n worst thing is that entrance exam preparation are very very tough n i cnt cope up with it.. now I gave my 12th prelims ..n I got 55% which extremely less…I just have 3 weeks more for my board exam…????????????….what should I do now….even now I cnt make up mind tht board exams too are imp…thts why m nt able to do my best for preparation….plz help me out…so that I realize tht boards are also imp. N atleast I score more than 80-85%….plz plz plz …I cnt accept failure or less marks..I don’t want to disappoint my parents ????????????

  42. Morgan

    Definitely needed this today. In my final undergraduate class after taking a two year break from school to solve what I wanted to do in life. I’ve been getting high marks in Stats (and the grading curve is pretty awesome). I took a test online for class and I was not in the most comfortable area and all in on focusing, got a 54. It was painful. Granted this test only had 8 questions versus the 50 or so we have, I’ve been upset thinking its going to jeopardize my grade, this was the perfect read to get me thinking rationally again! Where was this page when I first started college?!

    1. Brian Robben

      I wish I had this for you a few years earlier, but at least you found it today. Take your success, Morgan!

  43. Kit

    Hello Brian!
    I am an 11th standard student .And i am preparing for the Engineering exam IIT – JEE .
    And i am going for the coaching 3 hrs a day after school.
    In my unit tests I have failed drastically in phy – 7 marks, chemistry – 7 marks , computer – 9 out of 25
    Just after the exams my coaching grades have also went down. And now i feel depressed.
    When i was in 9th i had a curiosity to study 11th 12th standard topics of maths physics and chemistry.
    While studying them in 9th and 10th class i used to understand them very quickly and clearly,
    And when i study them now i am lost somewhere i am not able to make out what is happening
    And i become hopeless.
    A terrible thought comes to my mind that what i dreamt of to become in my life when i was 10th standard is impossible .In my life i want to become a Philosopher and an Astrophysicist ,but these failures which i am facing now demotivates me and destroy my self confidence . I am not able to think, my thinking ability is lost somewhere and i have also lost my reasoning power .
    There’s a huge difference in my reasoning and thinking from my past two years.
    It will give me the greatest relief and peace if helped me !!
    Thank you !
    and please forgive me if anyone feels that i have boasted .

    1. Brian Robben

      I can’t help you as much as you can help yourself. Without knowing more details, it’s impossible for me to give specific guidance.

      So if you’re looking for study tips, visit these two articles: https://takeyoursuccess.com/how-to-study-in-college-the-chip-away-strategy/ and https://takeyoursuccess.com/how-to-study-in-college-focused-preparation/

      And lastly, what are you passionate about? Do you truly want to be a philosopher and astrophysicist? Why both? Answering those questions are more important in my opinion.

  44. Kit

    I am sorry to write a big text !

  45. Kit

    Thank you !
    Can you tell me how to reduce mental pressure and and gain confidence?

    1. Brian Robben

      To reduce mental pressure, it all comes down to knowing that no test or result defines you. When you have the mindset that you’re going to achieve what you want to, no matter how much it takes, then short-term results don’t matter as much because you’re in it for the long haul.

      And I don’t know if you mean social or career confidence. Though the best way to gain confidence is to be prepared and have enough practice under your belt so you know you’re ready. For example, if you want more confidence dating, go on more dates.

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