What Happens If you get in an Accident Driving Your Employer’s Car?

To answer this in simple terms, your case will depend on what you were doing when the accident happened. If you were within the scope of your duties, then you are entitled to be compensated, but if you were running personal errands, the story is different. Let us examine this and more in detail. 

Injured when driving your Employer’s car in New York? 

If you were injured while running work-related errands, you should know that you are protected by law. New York’s respondeat superior law, also known as vicarious liability, states that the employer will be held accountable for the actions of employees; thus the insurer is supposed to pay for damages to the injured party. The employer’s insurance policy should also protect you from being sued by the injured party. However, if the injured party files a lawsuit, your employer’s policy should cater for the legal fees. 

In other words, if you get into an injury driving your employer’s car, then you should be covered by your employer’s insurance as long as you were in the line of duty. Moreover, if you suffered severe injuries, the law allows you to file a lawsuit for reimbursement by the insurer of the driver who was at fault or the employer if there are hesitations in paying. 

Seeking compensation Under Vicarious Liability 

Where people or businesses are supposed to face the consequences of their actions, especially after a car accident, hesitations and complications can emerge. This is also common with insurance companies who will always try to poke holes in your claim to avoid compensating for the auto accident. 

It’s for this reason that you should hire a skilled car accident attorney for help. Now, Jacoby & Meyers car accident attorneys in New York know that pushing for a claim after any car accident is hard. They can help you push for the right compensation and appear by your side, saving you from the trouble of navigating through the terminologies and the process, gathering information about the accidents, appearing in court multiple times, and ultimately fighting for compensation. 

Top auto accident attorneys know that accidents inflict intense emotional, physical, and psychological pain and cause huge financial needs. To keep you off the financial strain, they marvel at representing injured employees. They can also help you file a personal injury lawsuit in case a negligent motorist caused the accident.

A point to note, though. Just like you, the law also protects employers from paying for damages caused by their negligent employees driving their vehicles. Thus, if you were driving under the influence of alcohol, using a phone, and pretty much anything negligent, then the employer will not be cornered to pay and you might even get sued in the process. 

Final Word: 

In some occupations, you can’t help but use the company’s car, and it comes with a lot of perks. Nonetheless, make sure you use it only for work purposes to ensure that you are always covered if you get in an accident with the car. If you are struggling to get compensation for this type of an accident, then speak to an experienced auto accident lawyer who will help you file and push for the claim.