The Valuable Rare Coins to Look Out For

Old is gold, so the saying goes. Do you know that you could be carrying hoarded wealth without being aware of it? We are talking of rare coins you could be having in your jar. Yes, they could be worth more than you thought! Now, some coins tell of our history; the ones that point back in time to the seasons when the world was experiencing life-changing events. These are the valuable, rare coins that are now worth a lot!

But how do you tell which coin bears the worth more than its original value? Well, there are coins that are treasured and have great value for different reasons. Some date back to World War II and were created specifically to be used for activities taking place during the war, while others get their value as they are minted from valuable metals. Let’s take a look at some of those coins that are now quite rare and worth looking out for.

Valuable and Rare Coins that could Make you a Fortune:

The 1995 Double Die Penny

This is a double printed penny, to mean that it bears inscriptions on both sides of the coin. During printing, the 1969 and 1972 versions of the coin had an error. The inscriptions, “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” was blurry and almost invisible. 

The coins are quite rare to find, and that makes them even more valuable. 

The unmarked 1982 Roosevelt Dime

Around 1982 when the United States Mint made the coins. They would punch with the paper mint mark letter indicating the State in which were meant for shipping. For example, the coins meant for shipping to Philadelphia were marked with a letter “P”, while those meant for shipping to the State of Denver were marked with a letter “D”.

However, there are coins from that year that were unmarked. Although they are hard to find, the few that are available are precious and highly valuable. 

1943 Steel Penny

These were created in 1943 during World War II. As such, the main intention was to use them to preserve copper to sustain the war. They were used in place of the nickel coins which had earlier been used to preserve silver. And although they lasted for just one year, they remain in high demand. 

The 1972 Lincoln Cent

The coin bears a double print obverse. All the inscribed elements on each leaf of the coin are doubled. To authenticate this coin variety, you will need to use a 6X magnifying lens, to check out for a tiny gouge about the edge above the letter “D” in “UNITED”, which is essentially used as the die marker. 

The coin is valued at approximately $500. Maybe you check your change now? You could be carrying a dime worth gold in your pockets!

2005 Kansas State Quarter

Valued at about $100, the coin features an error so that the inscribed statement reads, “IN GOD WE RUST”, therefore missing out on the “T” on the supposed word “TRUST”. 

Although the error might seem like a political game by a mint employee, it is largely attributed to grease which could not allow for complete cleaning. Surprisingly, it is the error that makes them stand out, and you can be sure such are rare coins to find, and only the lucky ones do. You could be the one if you look closely. 

The 1999 “AM” Reverse Lincoln Cent

The variety of these coins were created in three phases across three years. That was in 1998, 1999 and 2000. Of the three varieties, 1999 remains the rarest and the most valuable sort after coin. Why? Due to a variation in the inscription of Letters “AM” in the word AMERICA. 

For the 1999 variety, the AM in AMERICA on the reverse is clearly separated in a wide variety which makes it stand out from the rest. If you have such a variety of coins, you could be a step away from making a fortune. 

The Silver Half Dollar

The Half Dollar Coin was in use until 1970. There are varieties dated 1964 or earlier, which indicates that they contain 90% silver. However, it is not uncommon to find a Silver Proof Half Dollars, which are in use today with a current date. 

The value of this silver coin is, by and large, dictated by the price of silver, which changes from time to time. 


That’s it! These are some of the most valuable coins in circulation today. If you are a rare coin collector, then you now know what to look for!