Top 10 TYS Posts Of 2015

top 10 take your success posts 2015

Honestly some of my favorite blog posts around the internet are recaps of a blogger’s past month income or their review of their goals from the previous year. My interest definitely comes from my fascination of people making progress and getting closer to their dreams.

While this post isn’t exactly a year in review one (but my next blog post will be), it is similar. Since I covered so many different topics in 2015, I decided it would be cool to do a write up of the best posts out of all of my 122 blog posts for this calendar year. This way, regular readers and new readers can have a convenient list.

In no special order, here are the Top 10 Take Your Success Blog Posts of 2015:

1. What Happened When I Drank 1,400 Ounces Of Water In 7 Days

drinking water benefits

One of many personal challenges throughout the year, this post received the most attention probably because of the absurdity of drinking 200 ounces a day. I reveal all the different benefits I received that week, plus the number of times I went to the bathroom. And I added what I would have done differently after further research into this topic. Click here to read this post.

2. Interview: #2 Pick In The Major League Lacrosse Draft & Ivy League Student

connor buczek cornell

Thanks to 296 shares, this interview with lacrosse star Connor Buczek made the top 10 list. Buczek talks about how to get the most productivity out of the day, how valuable sleep is to his success, and his advice to college freshman. There are other great bits of information throughout the interview. Click here to read this blog post.

3. How To Study In College: The Chip Away Strategy

How to study in college - Chip Away Strategy

I personally believe this is one of my best posts of all-time, and what I like to call an instant-classic. The Chip Away Strategy outlines what I used to get a 4.0 GPA and how you can get an A on every college exam by using this method of planning out your days in advance. Trust me, if you follow it step-by-step, it works! Click here to read this blog post.

4. Patience Is One Key To Success

patience is a virtue in success

My commentary on the dangers of impatience in society, why being patient is more rewarding, and how to practice patience drives a ton of views from search engines. Apparently a lot of people across the globe are interested in the connection between patience and success. Are you also curious? Click here to read this blog post.

5. How To Stop Procrastinating

how to stop procrastinating in college

People commonly say you shouldn’t procrastinate, but rarely do they take it a step farther and explain how to stop procrastinating. And I noticed that many of my peers have trouble going to the gym, studying ahead of time, or finishing what they started. If this sounds like you, I outlined 13 different ways you can beat procrastination starting now. Click here to read this blog post.

6. Why I Turned Down Harvard Law School

why I turned down harvard law 2

Here I shared why I would have been accepted to Harvard Law if I applied, and why I eventually decided not to go to law school. Then this anonymous internet troll starts commenting and turns this into, without question, the most controversial post in the history of Take Your Success. If you’re not interested in reading the entire piece, then go directly to the bottom and check out the comments from Anonymous. You won’t regret it. Click here to read this blog post.

7. The Ultimate Guide For Requesting A Letter Of Recommendation For Grad School

Letter of recommendation

This guide literally has it all, of course besides writing the recommendation letter for you. What you will find in this post includes answers on the proper timeline, finding quality references, how to effectively ask for a recommendation letter (with specific in person scripts and email scripts), what to hand your professor or manager, and more. Click here to read this blog post.

8. Overcoming Laziness Through Temptation Bundling

overcoming laziness

Everyone has some form of lazy in them, but the best way to overcome laziness this is through temptation bundling. In temptation bundling, you can only do a desirable activity after you do an undesirable activity, which significantly increases willpower. Also, I got an email from StumbleUpon saying this post received over 2,000 views. Not bad! Click here to read this blog post.

9. Why A High GPA Only Matters To Some Students

high college GPA (grade point average)

You know the message you get from your parents, professors, and peers that says you need to have a high GPA to be successful? I attack that overgeneralization by arguing that a high grade point average only matters to a small group of students. And most students should focus the majority of their time on a few specific things. Click here to read this blog post.

10. How To Catch-Up In A Class After Falling Behind

how to catch-up in a class

Falling behind in a college class makes for a certain overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Many times students see their shot of doing decent in the course is so small that they decide to drop the class. But, dropping a class can lead to a host of its own problems, like summer school, graduating later, or not graduating at all. This post walks you through how to recover to stay enrolled in the class and makeup your grade. Click here to read this blog post.

Bonus. I Love Haters: Here’s Why & How To Respond

I love haters, i love my haters

I know I said the list included 10 blog posts but I had to include my personal favorite post, which is on the topic of haters. I had so much fun writing this one. And it barely missed making the top 10 list on its own, as many people view it daily through Google searches. If you have a bad case of haters or want to get a peek of my mindset, click here to read this bonus post.

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