Top 10 Take Your Success Posts Of 2016

Everybody loves a top 10 list.

From SportsCenter Top 10 Plays to a list of the 10 Best Travel Destinations with Infinity Pools, people love it because it’s not too short or too long. These lists are just right.

As we put a bow on 2016 and call it a year, I want to continue the tradition of writing a top 10 post. (If you’re interested, here’s my list from 2015.)

My goal is that both regular readers will appreciate this convenient, curated list. And this post becomes super helpful for any new readers that want to catch up on some of my best content.

So in order of when they were published, here is my subjective take on the Top 10 Take Your Success Blog Posts of 2016:

1. Life Lessons From Game Of Thrones


My housemates and I got hooked on GOT in college. The interweaving characters and plot line makes for an unbelievable series. And guess what? Thrones also showcases some valuable life lessons that will change your life if you put them into practice.

2. How To Use Intermittent Fasting To Lose Fat While Gaining Muscle


How does skipping breakfast help you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time? Do you know the difference between the fed and the fasted state? Why isn’t intermittent fasting more popular? All of these answers and more are in this post. If you don’t end up trying intermittent fasting, at least know what it can do for you.

3. Why You Must Travel While You’re Young


Some articles are all over the place about why you should travel. So this doesn’t have 50 weak reasons to travel. It lists three super solid arguments to travel while you’re young and get out of your comfort zone.

4. Is It Possible To Learn How To Connect With Anyone?


Ever wonder how someone can walk in the room and instantly connect with a stranger? Well, this blog post tells you exactly how. Read it and put the tactic to use in your personal and professional life. You’ll see how it works like magic.

5. How To Save Money Going Out On A College Budget


I couldn’t continue to waste hundreds of dollars a month at the bars in the college. So I came up with a system to save money when going out. If you give this method a try, I guarantee that you’ll save a ton of money and still have a good time with your friends. Your bank account will thank me later.

6. 28-Day Meditation Challenge To Appreciate More And Complain Less


Feeling stressed, anxious, or out of balance? Maybe meditation is in the cards for you to stop feeling negative and start appreciating life. To see why to be mindful, who practices this, and how to meditate, read this blog post challenge.

7. Perfect Answers To Behavioral Interview Questions


When you have an interview lined up at a company you’d love to work for, you must bring your A-game. There’s no other option. Mastering behavioral interview questions is the best thing you can spend your time on before an interview. If you do this the right way, you’ll be unstoppable in front of a hiring manager.

8. What Do Successful People Do?


You know their names, but do you know what successful people do behind the scenes? Think of your favorite athlete, musician, or actor, and I’ll bet you that they do the activities listed in this write up. Why don’t you join them to start achieving your own success?

9. How To Negotiate A Higher Salary After A Job Offer (Extra $1k-$10k)


If you’re interviewing or just received a job offer, I have the guide for you. In this post, you’ll find the exact strategies I used to negotiate a $10,000 salary increase after the first offer the company presented. This read can also be valuable for everyday negotiation with your family, friends, clients, landlord, and bankers.

10. My First $10K Income Month


Any entrepreneurial journey has its ups and downs. In December 2016, I had my biggest month to date: more than $10,000 in income. If you want to feel inspired and realize what’s possible, this post is for you!

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