Successful People Finish Strong: Focus To End The Semester

the importance of finishing strong

At the beginning of the semester, you have a nice and clean academic slate. This new slate may bring new academic goals with it like raising your cumulative GPA, making this semester’s Dean’s List, or simply staying off academic probation from your fraternity or sorority (although if you’re reading this website, I doubt you face that issue because you’re probably a high-performer).

But many times, even if you start the semester strong, your motivation to accomplish these goals can fade as the repetitive weeks drag on through fall to winter. You become physically and mentally tired from your mundane schedule that seems to never end.

And when the fourth quarter of the semester comes, you face a difficult decision with your classes: to coast on your previous performance or to finish strong.

The easier option is to only put in as much effort as you need to do decent in the class. But, the more rewarding choice is to give a focused effort to close out the semester.

What will you do these next couple of weeks before Winter Break? Continue on to see why a strong finish will benefit you in not only your classes, but also your future.

The Importance Of Finishing Strong

Anyone can get off to a fast start when they’re excited and chasing a new goal. But in a matter of time, these same people will reach a wall when their task becomes more difficult and less fun.

Since they’re now tired, they begin to no longer think they can achieve their goal or they don’t want to put in the effort to get there. So they give a half-effort the rest of the time, or quit.  

Giving a half-effort for a poor finish is not such a big deal in the immediate future if it’s the difference between a B instead of an A- in a class. Although GPA is important, this result probably has minimal effects in the grand scheme of life.

However, the problem is the moment they give in to the self-talk saying they can’t go farther, they condition themselves to not finish strong in other areas of their life. For example, if you don’t see things all the way through in your classes, this bad habit of quitting can spread into your friendships, romantic relationships, fitness, diet, and career.

That’s why I believe if you don’t build experiences where you gave your best effort to finish strong and see how much you can accomplish, how do you expect to do it when the stakes are higher?

Successful People Are Finishers

Most people don’t finish strong, but some do. And those that do continually get the treasures of their effort. They execute these grad school application tips to get into the better grad schools, they get more prestigious jobs, and they develop their relationships even when it’s hard.

How do they do it? They finish strong and don’t give up. They realize it will be hard like everyone else does, but they decide to push themselves, overcome their fears of failing, and see what they’re made of.

And you know what? Overcoming obstacles—like when you fail a test—becomes easier over time as the successful achievers pick up wins under their belt. Soon the people who choose to finish strong have a new swagger because they know most people will fall to the wayside. But, they’re going to successfully see their work through and gain the fruit of their labor.

That’s the difference between average people and top-performers, merely the choice to finish strong and doing the actions behind it.

Finish Strong Through Finals Week

Since how you finish conditions yourself for positive or negative future actions, finish strong these next couple of weeks to end the semester.

When preparing for final exam week:

Instead of looking at how much you have to get done in the next two to three weeks, take each day one by one. Then, break your day down into individual tasks with some breaks in between. Doing things this way encourages action, which leads to more confidence and action.

When it gets tough, which it will, relish the opportunity to create a positive habit of finishing strong. Know that you’re doing what others won’t, and because of this you will get results now and later in life that others won’t.

Plus, you can find comfort in your grind realizing that Winter Break is around the corner with your name on it.  

That’s enough talk about finishing strong, because now it’s time to do it.

Readers, what is your mindset as the semester is coming to an end? Are you a believer in the importance of finishing strong? What worries you the most about finals week?

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