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Around once a week I write an email that details what’s new on Take Your Success. If you’re interested in winning in college/your career, personal development, or being successful, then it’s a no-brainer to sign up for this email list.

To be honest, the people who subscribe get special treatment and opportunities compared to the public.

Why Sign Up For This Garbage?

Well the reason you should sign up for my emails is they aren’t garbage, that’s the point. Take, for example, some things I’ve done in previous emails:

  • Gave subscribers a free copy of my first book The Golden Resume
  • Asked readers to tell me what subjects they want me to write about (and then I wrote specific posts dedicated to them)
  • Helped readers with their interviews and securing job offers
  • Announced a special book promotion offer where subscribers received 3 books for the price of 1
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And I have plans in the future that I always announce first to my email list. For example, I’m working in secret on book number three and another big idea for 2016 that are both going to be BIG.

I’ll be sure to give the details about those and other special opportunities to my subscribers. So if I were you, I’d sign up for the email list.

Final Words

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