Securing A Side Income In 2018: Make Money Online


In this new era of technology and innovation that we are currently living, there is no excuse for having only one income. You need a side income where you make money online that adds to your monthly cash flow.

It’s not that hard actually, since the Internet has provided us with limitless sources of knowledge, tools, free website templates and freelance platforms that everyone can use for their benefit.

We probably all already know that the online market can be quite profitable for freelance work. That’s why there are a lot of high- and low-level freelancers fighting for work.

However, that’s not the only option on the market. Thank God for e-commerce, you can sell anything you could ever imagine on the Internet.

We live in a time where the online world offers a lot of opportunities for anyone. The world got smaller with the Internet, new business opportunities appeared allowing everyone to show their skills, regardless the location.

If you are still puzzled about what you can do online and how you can capitalize on the Internet, look no further.

We have compiled a list of the things you can do online to help you secure a side income in 2018.

1. Freelance work on existing platforms

As we mentioned before, doing freelance work might be the best solution for making money online. There are limitless possibilities that freelance platforms provide.

For instance, on Upwork you can find various job that you can do even if you are a beginner. Even if you don’t have digital skills or you are not English proficient, simple data entry tasks can provide you with an additional income.

Many freelancers started their career by doing simple data entry jobs and then moving to more complex and therefore more paid jobs. This is of course if you are a rookie in the modern digital world.

If you are already working in digital marketing, for example, you can make a solid amount of money for a shorter period of time. If you already have the skills, all you need to do is find the right job opening for you and deliver what you do the best.

2. E-commerce can help: sell your own stuff

You can always make extra money by selling personal stuff on the Internet. There are a lot of platforms like Ebay that facilitates the e-selling process. All you have to do is register, upload the pictures from the things you would like to sell, set a price and expect a sale fast. It all depends on what you are selling.

The benefit here is that the whole world will be bidding on your items and if you know how to play the game, you can make a lot of money.

However, there is another opportunity as well. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can always build your own e-commerce business.

Anything is possible, Jeff Bezos started Amazon from his garage. Don’t let the imperfect circumstances affect your business mindset. If Bezos can do it, everyone can.

Nowadays it’s even easier to build website. The Internet is the best place to make a website since it has numerous website builders that provide quick and easy solutions even if you are not really tech-savvy.

There is an opportunity in everything, all you need to do is have faith and work hard to make your dream come true.

3. Start a blog, become an influencer

Social media provided new ways of making money online. The influencer phenomenon is real and currently the best form of digital marketing.

There is no better way to promote a product or service than arranging an influencer in your field to do the promo stuff. Influencers value their social media presence and they make a solid amount of money.

The question is how you can become an influencer? The answer is that you have to be an expert in a certain field and then you have to produce original content that will gain the right amount of attention on the world-wide web.

Although it sounds simple and easy, in reality, there is a lot of investment and work involved. Being an influencer requires a good knowledge of social media marketing and management and marketing in general.

If you are already skilled professional, you can capitalize on sharing your knowledge online.

4. Sell online courses

Education is important these days, especially fast and easy online education.

People are crazy about courses that they can follow from the comfort of their home and can access whenever they have time. If you are already a professor or expert in a certain area, you can always earn more money by filming courses and selling them online.

Ning and Udemy are some of the platforms where you can upload and sell your course, or you can build a website and sell your courses by yourself. It really depends on what your ultimate goal is.

The Internet gave us so many opportunities to make money. You just have to find the most suitable solution for your situation and your goal and work on it.

The tricky part or the hardest part is always the beginning. You need to establish yourself as a valuable asset on the market the first two years before you can make any money (of course, this is applicable to beginners only).

If you are already an expert in a certain field like marketing or business development and you are not making money online, you should definitely reconsider this possibility and immediately get on social media or build a website. Your online presence can bring you a fortune and transform your experience as a pro.

An online presence and a will to learn new things can ultimately transform your life. You will have more freedom, establish new interesting business relationships on the market and most importantly earn money.  

By just doing a few hours of extra work on your side hustle every week, you will see a significant difference in your income and savings over time.