5 Key Reasons Why You May Want to Start Working from Home

What goes around comes around. There’s nothing new about working from home. Before the Industrial Age when everyone flocked to city factories, just about everybody worked from home in cottage and craft industries. 

Millions around the world work at home in several modes. Some work for an employer from the comfort of their home. Others work for themselves from home. And, an increasing number of folks are working as freelancers or remote workers from home or anywhere they can access the Internet. If you’re thinking of joining their ranks, you could use a few tips on how to make money fast.

5 key reasons:

1. Follow your personal clock. Each person has a different body clock. Some people burn out before noon. Some live to work in the evening. Working at home lets you decide the schedule. 

You can take breaks when you want. Snack when you’re hungry and make coffee or tea the way you like. And, because you don’t have to commute to and from work, you have extra hours in your day.

2. Enjoy all the comforts of home. Many people have tired of the open floor plans and lack of privacy in modern offices. They’re very good workers but don’t enjoy like co-workers looking over their shoulders, gossiping, or chatting you up.

At home, you have your favorite chair, familiar surroundings, and plants and pets. You can work by the pool or on the porch. You can set up a home office the way you like. Or you can work in your shorts or pajamas.

3. Money in the bank. According to a study reported in Business Insider, “people who primarily work remotely out earn the average in-office workers. And not by a few hundred bucks a year, either, but by a solid 28%.” 

Assuming the work at home arrangement includes employee benefits, remote workers save on commuting costs, lunch prices, childcare, wardrobe, and more. 

4. No boss but yourself. If you freelance, you have clients but no real boss to report to. You generally control your workday and schedule even when working for clients elsewhere in the world.

There are no lengthy and repetitive meetings. Projects are monitored and completed online as are collaborative exchanges on platforms created for such integrated work. 

5. More exercise, less stress. Because you have more time to yourself, you can spend some of it on an exercise regimen. People have been known to work while they’re on the treadmill or stationary bike.

Others will spend that extra time walking the dog, taking the baby for a stroll, or swimming a few laps. Workers with creative jobs — writing, web development, or teaching — can use the spare moments on their craft or personal projects. Those with more repetitive tasks — medical billing, stenography, or concierge services — can loosen up and pace themselves.

Is working from home part of your future?

Writing for Monster.com, Dawn Papandrea says, “Imagine: Your office chair is your couch. Your commute is the length of your hallway. Your snack drawer is your entire pantry. Think it’s a dream? Not always.” Working from home can change your income, health, and career enough to look at now.