Key Personality Traits of Business Bloggers

If you are looking for financial freedom, have big ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, then you will probably have already considered working for yourself. And, while it’s a big step for everyone to take that first plunge into the unknown, are you the right kind of person who can soldier on through and get to the light at the end of the tunnel?

You should have already done your homework on how to best set up your blog for business, but have you thought about if you have the right kind of personality to weather the storms that working for yourself can throw at you? Below, you’ll find some of the key traits that you need to make sure you’re ready to handle.

Financial Insecurity

There are some seriously big bucks to be made from blogging. It can be a lucrative industry and, once you’re steaming ahead, you can easily end up raking it in. But the path to six figures isn’t always smooth and there may be some months where you look at your bank balance and feel that sense of dread about how you’re going to make rent. You need to be able to balance your own books and watch that cash-flow from the start. If you’re planning to manage your own business and finances, then you need to have enough capital to get going. It’s a good idea to start with some savings if you’re the kind of person that easily gets anxious. Remember, to every problem, there’s a solution. A huge part of being an entrepreneur is the hunt for that solution getting your heart pumping and that adrenaline racing!

Good Attitude

If you are the kind of person to let rejection beat you down, rather than having a get-up-and-go attitude and trying to figure out how to problem-solve, then you should ask yourself whether this lifestyle is for you. If being told no sends you into a downward spiral of negativity, rather than spurs you on to work more and try twice as hard next time, then seriously consider working for yourself. You are your own boss and, while there’s incredible freedom in managing your own money, time and projects, there’s also a lot to carry. You guessed it – with great power comes great responsibility. If you want to win, you’ve got to play the game.

Support Network

Blogging and starting your own business can be competitive. But there’s a ton of resources available for you to use online. You might want to check out a business proposal template for when you’re pitching your business. Free does not necessarily mean worth less – it means that someone with expertise has taken the time to put something together and, one day, that’s going to be you. If you procrastinate all day and need a manager standing over your shoulder, then ask yourself, can you really be your own boss?

Fingers crossed that becoming an entrepreneur and entering the world of working for yourself will be smooth sailing but, just in case, now you can prepare yourself.