Overseas Property Investment

Overseas property investment is an attractive proposition for many today. Below, we are going to take a look at two places in Europe you may want to consider. Of course, these destinations aren’t for everyone, so make sure you take the time to contemplate all options carefully and do extensive research.

Before you read on though, you may want to read what is an investment property to get a better understanding of this type of investment. As mentioned, it is not something you should ever rush into.


The beautiful island of Lanzarote is a Spanish island that is the easternmost of the Canary Islands and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Investment opportunities in Lanzarote are situated in many different areas on this island. Knowing the must-see attractions will help you place yourself near the attractions you want to see. These top five attractions can give you an idea of the diverse things there are to do in Lanzarote and give you a starting point for planning your trip or finding perfect rental villas in Lanzarote.

César Manrique Foundation is one beautiful site you must visit.  The home of Cesar Manrique is built in the rocks of the lava field and the ground floor houses incredible art from internationally known artists from all around the world. The view is breathtaking from the windows of this ground floor and steps lead down to a beautiful lava pool with passages in the volcanic rock. A gorgeous primer for your first day in Lanzarote, and securing vacation villas in Lanzarote that are close by, will allow you to start your adventure here.

Investment villas in Lanzarote can be found near Timanfaya National Park which is a must-see on the island. The landscape is like another world and home to rare and unusual plant species.  A demonstration of how hot the temperature is just below the surface is shown by throwing brush in a hole and seeing it catch fire immediately when thrown into a hole. vacation villas in Lanzarote will keep you close to the heat without all of the discomforts! There are Coach Trips around the National Park and they are included in your entry fee, along with an audio tour with readings from a local Priest who witnessed the devastating eruptions that formed the park long ago.

Vacation villas in Lanzarote that are nearby The Castillo de San Jose will situate you near this Harbor fort that was built in 1799 to protect from Pirate Attack. The castle was used as a gunpowder arsenal and never faced any real military action.  The Military ran the fortress until 1890 and has since been converted into a Modern Art Gallery and Restaurant, the Museo International de Arte Contemporáneo. vacation villas in Lanzarote near this harbor fortress will provide breathtaking views.

A must see is the Lanzarote Aquarium which is the largest aquarium in the Canary Islands. This aquarium has over a million liters of water, spread throughout thirty-three aquariums. A large variety of marine species can be viewed in this, the largest biological collection on the Canary Islands. You can expect triggerfish, golden fish and fulas, and other exotic tropical fish, and unusual species of lobsters and crabs. Visitors are able to see warm water sharks, swimming among the other marine life inside the main water tank.  Finding vacation villas in Lanzarote that are located close to the aquarium is perfect for renting out to families. Lanzarote Aquarium has touching-pools where mom and dad, as well as the kids, can experience marine life close up while learning more about these interesting creatures.


Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean, with a combination of Turkish and Greek culture. When looking for investment homes in Cyprus, it is a good idea to know what you will be spending your time doing and what area you are interested in. For history buff, Cyprus is a dream, but the enticing fun-in-the sun lifestyle of this Mediterranean marvel makes this an extremely desirable location for sun worshipers around the world.

Vacation properties in Cyprus around Ayia Napa are the best bet for the individual who enjoys clubbing, as well as appealing to the younger crowd when renting out.  Nissi Beach is a popular destination in this area, with its warm waters and unspoiled sands. The famous clubbing district in this area is located in ‘The Square’ that is full of night clubs and restaurants. The largest club in Cyprus finds its home here, ‘The Castle Club,’ which has been in business for over twenty years. If clubbing at night and hanging on the beach by day is what you plan to do, then you will want to find vacation homes in Cyprus that are in this area.

The culture capital of Cyprus is no doubt in Paphos. Finding vacation homes in Cyprus in this part of Cyprus will place you in the midst of ancient architectural landscapes. This area holds attractions like Adonis Baths Waterfalls, Tomb of Kings, Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, and Ayios Neophytos Monastery.

If you want to be near the second largest city in Cyprus then find vacation homes in Cyprus that are in Limassol. The Port of Limassol is the transportation hub for the trade industry in the Mediterranean, but this area has quickly become a cultural hotspot. Limassol also has its share of archaeological sites such as ruins of Kourion. Limassol is also the home of the Cyprus University of Technology. Staying in September gives you the opportunity to hit the Wine Festival.

Finally, not only is Larnaca one of the most ancient cities in Cyprus, it is home to the Wreck of the Zenobia. Diving to explore this ship wreck tops out as one of the top ten wreck diving sites in the world. If you want to wander the Larnaca Salt Lake area, then look for the as many as seven thousand flamingos that arrive there each year. This area is perfect for the individual who loves bird watching. Platres positions you at the foothills of Troodos Mountains with its numerous trails through forests and streams.  This area is perfect for hiking and picnics. If you visit between December and April, skiing atop the Troodos Mountains can be on your list of fun activities.