Why The West Coast Lifestyle Is The Best Lifestyle

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With exams over and students taking a break from school, I’m also taking a break from writing about college and career success. This is a different type of piece, and it’s about the beautiful west coast.

For those who don’t know, I graduated from Miami University in Oxford, OH and have only lived in Cincinnati before and after college. I’m a wild nomad, tell me about it!

But, ever since I took a couple of trips to Los Angeles—the heart of the west coast—I’ve seen the light and it’s the west coast lifestyle. Life is simply better out there, I’m certain. And I actually became so hooked with California that I already planned my retirement home in Santa Barbara, CA (with Oprah and her Santa Barbara mansion as my neighbor so she can come over to chill while we eat barbecue).

Alright, enough Oprah talk. Let’s get serious to unpack why I’m convinced the golden coast is the best coast.

West Coast Advantages

1. Weather  

You can probably argue against other points on this list, but you can’t say with a straight face that the west coast doesn’t have the most amazing weather. Sunshine, clear skies, and ocean breezes are almost enough for me to pack my bags, without considering the rest of this list. And weather definitely affects people’s moods, so come out to sunny California and live a happier life is my thought. You can forget about the east coast and midwest winters.

2. Better looking people

More than simply feel better, you and the people around you will also look better with sun kissed skin from the west coast sunshine. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by good looking tan people? God knows that I could use some sun at this point in December in Ohio. And, probably since it’s almost always beach season, people out west tend to be more fit and in shape.

3. Ocean

I’m literally obsessed with the ocean. Maybe it’s the beauty, the mystery, my shark friends, the motion of the water, the power, or the great size that I can’t get enough of, but the ocean is my favorite place above all. If you want to ruin my moment, you would argue that the eastern and southern United States have oceans on their coast too, but these oceans aren’t usually as accessible and warm as out west.

4. Less allergies

Allergies that cause sneezing, coughing, and colds happen way too often outside the west coast. I think it’s because there is more pollen and mold in the air in the midwest, south, and east coast, but I’m no doctor. Either way, I have anecdotal evidence allergies are less bad in the west.

5. Vacation

If you live in California and don’t want to vacation nearby, then gorgeous Hawaii is only a 4.5 hour flight away. Also, places like Cabos, Mexico and skiing in Colorado is a short trip from the west coast. And even Australia, which is still far away, is much closer than the eastern part of the US. The vacation options are endless!

6. West coast lifestyle

Surfing on the beach, skiing in the mountains, and hiking in the forest are all within a driving distance and a part of the west coast lifestyle. Plus all the other different water sports and activities on the ocean or lakes are ridiculous. You do not get those same opportunities in other parts of the country.

7. Relaxed people

Many people who live in places like Los Angeles or San Francisco specifically choose to live out there and do not settle on their location when looking for work. Because of this, they enjoy life better and are more relaxed. However, people in other regions often choose the job first and then settle on the location, leaving them feeling stuck and bitter about where they live.

8. Abundant wineries

You don’t have to search far for wineries as they fill up California and even Washington. There’s a reason Napa Valley is a top tourist attraction. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine with an unbelievable view? I want it now and I know you do, too.

9. Sports teams

California is home to five MLB teams (Angels, Dodgers, Athletics, Padres, and Giants), four NBA teams (Clippers, Lakers, Kings, and Warriors) three NFL teams (49ers, Raiders, and Chargers), and three NHL teams (Kings, Ducks, and Sharks). The San Francisco Giants are one of the best franchises in baseball and basically win it all every other year. The Lakers are the most storied franchise in basketball, while Steph Curry and the Warriors are the best NBA team right now. Needless to say, there’s always a big sports event to attend on the west coast.

10. Startup activity

Other than maybe New York City, the entrepreneurial energy around Silicon Valley and the west coast is second to none. You never know when the next Facebook, Google, or Amazon will pop up, and odds are it comes out west. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, work for a startup, or invest in one, California is most likely your spot.

What Do You Think?

I had to make some tough decisions and leave off some awesome west coast advantages to get to a list of 10. But, obviously I didn’t write a list and highlight the negatives of the west coast either, which off the top of my head include taxes, cost of living, distance from family, and traffic.

However, even if I did account for the top 10 negatives of living out west, these disadvantages wouldn’t outweigh the advantages of the west coast lifestyle. There is absolutely no way!

And I know some of you will call me a hypocrite or a traitor for living in Cincinnati right now and not living out west. If I live in Ohio for the rest of my life, then you would be right in calling me whatever you want.

But, you should keep in mind that big moves take time. For now, I’ll listen to “Hotel California” by the Eagles.

Readers, what do you think? Have you experienced the west coast lifestyle? Where is your favorite place to live or retire, and why? What other benefits or negatives come from living on the west coast that I didn’t mention?


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