The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Your Marketing

Most business owners today already understand the important role marketing plays in their business’s success. Many businesses are left deciding between having an in-house marketing department or outsourcing it to an agency. The idea of hiring multiple new people can seem overwhelming when you can get white label digital marketing instead.

Every business is different and has their own needs, so there is no solid right or wrong decision. If you’re on the fence about outsourcing your marketing, consider the pros and cons.


Cut Costs

Saving money is usually the biggest reason that businesses choose to outsource their marketing. For the money you could be spending on just one worker’s salary, you can sometimes get a whole team of experienced marketers. Using a third party, you can pay for only what you need.

Save Time

Outsourcing your marketing frees up more of your time to focus on what you need to do for your business, and leaves marketing to the professionals. Using a marketing agency will also save you from dealing with things like sick days, vacations, and other managerial issues.

Gain Different Perspectives

Hiring a third party for marketing allows you to get a fresh, objective take on things. Outsourcing your marketing can be exactly what your business to get a whole new set of ideas. While your staff might have been struggling to find creative solutions,  an agency can breathe new life into your business.

More Skill Sets

Working with an agency for your marketing opens up many new opportunities for your business. Marketing agencies have experts in a wide variety of different marketing aspects that you might not get with a smaller in-house marketing department.


Less Accessible

Because your third party won’t be under the same roof as the rest of your business, they might be harder to reach at times. Because they’ll be working with a variety of other clients, they won’t always be available for you right away.

Not As Loyal

If you accidentally get a bad agency, you might find that people in a third party might be less passionate about your business than an in-house team would be. Marketers at an agency deal with multiple clients, so it might be difficult for them to really be able to connect with each one.

Loss Of Control

Some might feel uncomfortable having to relinquish some control by using a third party. If being able to see things happening daily is important to you, outsourcing might not be the best option. As long as clear guidelines are set, you might find that not having as much control can actually become a benefit for you.