7 Online Business Ideas For Beginners


Are you interested in starting your own online business but have no specific business idea in mind? Thanks to the internet and smartphones, entrepreneurs can do their work from almost anywhere in the world and you don’t have to be a pro to start your own business.

You might even start out as an employee for other business and gradually build up experience, skills, and potential customer base needed to set out on your own.

Here are 7 potential business ideas for beginners looking to create an online business by focusing on their strengths and expanding their network. If you have never owned a company in the past, you can use these ideas to get started.

SEO consultant

If you have a good idea of how search engines work and have skills in platforms like Google Analytics, you can do work for owners of smaller companies to help them increase organic search traffic to their websites and get more revenue. SEO skills are highly valued in the internet marketing world.

You can find numerous SEO specialists out there to get a feel for what the role entails. Companies like FATJOE provide wide-ranging services for business owners looking to expand their reach through organic SEO practices, and it’s not just through blogs and content, but through other approaches like infographics and press releases.

SEO skills are highly valued in the internet marketing world. That is not easy because Google is constantly changing its algorithms and you will have to learn and test new strategies all the time. But if you can master SEO, you are sure to find companies that will pay you for making their websites more SEO-friendly.

Online tutor

Online tutoring services like Preply are increasingly popular among modern learners. If you are good at math, physics, languages or other subjects, you can register on one of the tutoring platforms to find students and teach them via Skype in a one-on-one setting. Providing tutoring services is an easy way to start your own business.

Set up an e-commerce store

More and more people prefer to make purchases online. If you find a unique niche and execute the right marketing techniques, you can reach customers who are looking for specific products and make your online store a profitable success.

You can use special e-commerce platforms like Shopify that have an integrated shopping cart feature and set up a good looking store without any coding skills. You can also use a drop shipping model and vendors will ship products on your behalf so you won’t need to have a large inventory.

Tech support

If you are computer-savvy, you can offer your skills for small businesses that typically can’t afford a full-time IT employee. If you have experience working on computers and networks, you can offer immediate remote tech support to companies and one-on-one clients when they experience tech issues. You can also find tech support jobs on Upwork.

Become a YouTuber

Video content is increasingly popular now – from Instagram Live streaming to Snapchat Stories and Facebook Live. You can start a vlog on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo and sell products to your audience or get ad revenue. You can also build a YouTube channel and drive more traffic to your website.

There is no need to buy an expensive new camera to get started. If your smartphone has the quality camera lens, you can start making your first video. If your video becomes viral, you can become a celebrity.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is a great way to share your expertise or ideas online. If you already have an online business, a blog can be a powerful tool to promote your personal brand. You can also make money from your blog.

Of course, it’s not easy because you will need to create quality content for your target audience. Your content should entertain, inform or educate people to attract their interest. You should write on the topics that a lot of people are interested in. Besides, you will need to sell something to have income – ad space, ebooks, sponsored posts, info products, coaching etc.

Affiliate marketing

If you like leaving customer reviews on websites like Amazon, don’t do it for free because you can earn commission for promoting products to the public. Many companies use word-of-mouth advertising for lead generation. It will be easier if you already have a personal website with your own audience.

By starting an online business, you will be able to create a comfortable lifestyle and financial freedom for yourself and your family.