This Thanksgiving Proves Why I’d Never Give Up My Online Business


Let me tell you about my Thanksgiving. I got to enjoy food and quality time with friends, all while my online business made me passive income.

That’s sweeter than my favorite Thanksgiving food—sweet potato casserole.

I mean just consider the details: While I chose what to eat next on my packed plate of turkey, mash potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, and bread, my website is working for me to put more dollars in my bank account.

Poor guy is hustling his heart out while the rest of the United States pauses to relax and stuff their faces with all types of different, delicious flavors.

Mr. Website gets zero days off, not even a lunch or bathroom break. It’s just non-stop grind until the rest of time.

But I don’t feel too bad for Mr. Website because he’s not human. He doesn’t have emotions. That’s why he’s the best employee I could ever ask for.

If he did have feelings, I bet he would feel happiest knowing he’s doing a stand up job while his owner is off duty at a Thanksgiving party. What a guy!

Years Of Work Led Up To This

Let’s be real. No one specifically paid me to eat turkey.

However, it’s not a stretch for me to make that claim based on the fact that the website you’re reading right now made me money while I was munching.

Where I went right is years before when I put myself in position to have this reality. It didn’t come easy and it didn’t come without smartly executed strategy.

But back in 2014 I decided I wanted to own an online business for the sole reason it’s the easiest way to spread my ideas to help people. And, not going to lie, the thought of earning passive income blew me away.

What did I do? I went to work by writing three articles a week in the middle of my senior year of college.

A young 21-year-old Brian at Miami University just got his online business start.

Other students partied and went on weekend trips, but I picked up my helmet and hammer and squeezed as much time as I could afford to build article by article into what it is today.

Don’t forget the intense book writing seasons where I went months deep into putting together three of my best works—The Golden Resume, Freedom Mindset, and How To College—additional assets to my online business portfolio.

Then there’s the time spent writing guest posts, going on podcasts, and answering interview questions to spread the word about my website. These are just a few of the many parts of the process to get to where I’m at today.

Now it’s a dream come true that I can share my experiences, knowledge, and tactical action steps to empower others to improve their lives.

And thanks to everyone of you who has supported this blog through your attention or money—especially the people who bought on Thanksgiving.

That’s still unreal to me!

Above all of this, I want you to know if I can do it, then you 100% can too. You just need to want it enough and work hard for this passive income.

Put Yourself In Position To Make Money Eating Turkey

The Internet revolutionized the world more than anything else in the history of business.

So if passive income is your goal, it’s time you take advantage of this incredible technology by creating a website. You’ll own this Internet real estate, and then start working on getting people to show up.

But before we create a site, it’s wiser to know what is it going to be about and what audience are you trying to target.

The best way to do this is to ask yourself what problem can you solve for people based on your skills or interest? What do you have that you know for sure other people want?

This answer needs to be at the heart of your business plan.

For me, it started with providing content on how to succeed in college and in a job search. That’s about all I could do at the time.

Now I’ve transitioned to solving other problems because I’ve developed skills in other areas.

Another example is Kate Crocco, who serves others and makes an income as a confidence coach. Whatever you’re good at, odds are people will pay to learn how to do it.

So what’s your thing? And are other people making a full-time income with their online business doing what you set out to do?

By answering those two questions you’ll set foot on the right path to build your online business and make passive income.

Then you’ll be the one making money while you’re eating turkey on Thanksgiving.

And I don’t want it to sound like running an online business is the only way to make passive income. I’d argue it’s the best route since you have control over its success, but other ways to make passive income include:

  • Investing in the stock market
  • Buying real estate
  • Renting out your place on a site like Airbnb
  • Owning or buying a business that requires little of your time

Passive Income Wrap Up

I know from experience, you’re going to be amazed once you make your first dollar online through passive income.

It’s a total mind-shifting moment when you don’t have to do business with someone, you don’t even have to know their name or what they look like, but they hand their hard earned money over to you in a fair business transaction.

The interaction isn’t physical, but let me tell you that the money is real!

You can do this. Put in work, have patience, and trust the process of entrepreneurship.

Does starting an online business sound interesting to you? Watch this video to learn the best business idea for beginner entrepreneurs.

Brian Robben

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