10 Best Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs


Since they’re a different breed than the normal human, I’m not surprised if you’re struggling to find a gift idea for your entrepreneur.

It’s straight up difficult to understand their wacky brain that’s always thinking business if you’re not wired that way. And this can make buying a creative gift for them next to impossible.

Did I describe your situation to a tee?

But fear not. As one myself, I’m confident I understand the thought process, pressure, passion, and weird quirks behind being an entrepreneur.

And I’m going to share with you the 10 top gift ideas for the business guy or gal you’re shopping for.

Whether you’re looking for present ideas for a top business owner, your boyfriend who thinks he’s an entrepreneur, or yourself, look no farther than this list.

Best Gifts For Business Owners


1. Extra battery reserve or portable charger

Running a company means I’m always on my phone communicating with my team, clients, and prospective clients. And I’m on all of the major social media apps publishing content for myself or my clients.

This is exactly why my battery is depleted down to 20% before lunch often.

Not anymore though. With an extra battery pack or portable charger, my phone gets double the charge and lasts more than twice as long.

The entrepreneur you’re buying for could definitely use more phone battery throughout the day if they don’t currently use one of these!

2. Apple Airpods

Buying for a busy entrepreneur who is always on the phone wheeling and dealing?

Considered the future of headphones, Apple’s Airpods are literally the perfect present for the person you’re buying for—and realistically it might be the company’s best invention since the iPhone.

The audio quality on these headphones is excellent and the powerful mic picks up the voice of the human loud and clear. They come with a convenient carrying case too so you can take off and place the Airpods in it and put it in your pocket until you’re on the next call.

Plus, Gary Vaynerchuk wears Airpods and if he does it then it has to be cool, right?

3. Company branded swag

Inspired by my girlfriend buying me a long sleeve t-shirt with my marketing company’s name, logo, and brand colors, I felt awesome when I opened this gift. And now I wear it all the time!

If you take the effort to buy your entrepreneur a custom branded swag item that showcases their company—whether it be a hat, t-shirt, jacket, shorts, pants, you name it—I’m convinced they’re going to love it.

This is a creative gift for your entrepreneur that shows you support their business, and doubles as something they can get a ton of use out of every week.

Want to one up this? Buy a couple pairs so you can give it to other family members or friends to market the business.

4. Video equipment to vlog

What better way to tell the market who you are, what services or products you offer, and where they can buy them than video? Vlogging is the way of the future.

This is why video equipment is a great gift for this kind of person. Any entrepreneur who cares about marketing is making a mistake if they’re not recording video content.

You can choose to buy them a camera, a stand, a memory card, lights, and potentially a microphone.

Don’t be surprised if your gift is the push they need to record video content and one of those videos leads to their next big opportunity.

5. A ticket to a business conference

Younger entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs are especially prone to getting inspired after attending a special business conference. The knowledge, connections, and realizations they make at an event can single-handedly kickstart a successful business year.

I just say that because it goes to show the power you can transfer to this person if you so choose to gift this expensive ticket. Positive experiences go much farther than nice material items, especially for a true entrepreneur.

Some of the top business conferences for entrepreneurs include:

Older entrepreneurs may not learn as much at these events, but you never know.

6. One year photo subscription

An entrepreneur in just about any industry will need quality pictures almost all of the time.

A one year subscription of pictures could go a long way for spicing up their website, blog posts, videos, pitch deck presentations, product photos, PR material, social media presence, you name it!

Personally, a license to stock photos is next on the holiday wish list for my digital marketing company.

Some of the best photo subscription services include iStockphoto, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock.

7. An Apple Watch or Fitbit

It’s wrongly a badge of honor in entrepreneur culture to sacrifice exercising for “the cause” of growing a business.

On one hand, I respect the mentality there to do whatever it takes to have a successful business.

But realistically entrepreneurs who dismiss healthy exercise are a ticking time bomb from making bad decisions and burning out before they ever reach their long-term goals.

That’s why the Apple Watch or Fitbit is a solid gift here.

They’re also pretty fashionable so it won’t be an eyesore for your man or woman to wear to the office.

8. Deep tissue massage

Spending 10 hours in front of your computer every day may help your entrepreneur improve their company’s revenue, but in the process this is taking a toil on their body.

Business owners often have chronic neck and back pain as a result of overworking. (That’s why I go to Dr. Mark Scanlon to get an adjustment.)

But this is where you come in. Buy them a 60 minute massage for Christmas so their muscles and joints can heal before the new business year kicks off January 1st.

The present is the massage, while the true gift is the pain relief, stress reducer, and mental relaxation for this special person of yours.

This gift covers the muscles. Go on if you want to give a present for their mind.

9. Motivational office wall decor

Humans love visuals. And entrepreneurs are people who sacrifice in the present for a better future.

When you mix the too, it’s not hard to see why motivational office wall decor makes the perfect gift for your hustler.

Every day they walk in their office they can be reminded of why they started this journey, who they’re doing it for, or what’s the treasure at the end of the tunnel.

And extra motivation goes a long way when they’re in the middle of a fire where everything’s going wrong with a deal or client. Maybe they look up for a second and see your gift on their wall, which refocuses them to solve the task at hand.

That’s how you offer a helping hand without being there.

10. An inspirational book/audiobook on entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurs I know are big dreamers. And they always appreciate adding more mental troops to their brain in the form of reading.

If your entrepreneur is a book nerd, look no further than the books below. And if they can’t stand reading, gift them an audiobook for their commutes or next road trip.

These are classic books for anyone remotely interested in business:

Or step up your gift a notch by not giving a gift, but a one year subscription to listen to audiobooks on Audible!

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Wrap Up

That’s my top gifts for entrepreneurs list for this year. What did you think of it? Agree or disagree with my choices?

I did my best to find the most helpful links I could, but honestly you’ll want to just Google search some of these items to make sure you get the right gift at the price you’re willing to spend.

And this last message is important, so listen up.

The best gift you can give an entrepreneur is loving support through the ups and downs of their business.

Running a company is often the greatest challenge in life and it will take their emotions for a wild rollercoaster. But if you’re there as a sounding board and encourager, that will mean the world to that entrepreneur and it will completely overshadow any material possession you can think of giving them.

With your relentless support, they’ll feel loved and unstoppable. That’s a powerful combination they’ll get to walk into work with every day.

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