Need Cash Now? Easy Options for Young Upstarts

Financing an upcoming business before profits start to flow is not an easy task for any prospective business owner. It is actually the biggest challenge for most young budding entrepreneurs. You ought to know that there are several ways that you can get to fund your business. Let’s look at a few quick money solutions that are great for young upstarts. 

What to do if you need Cash Now for Your Business

1. Apply for a loan

Starting a business with no cash is not easy especially if you don’t have a steady source of income. However, when everything else seems grim,  applying for a quick loan can help you get started as you chase your dreams. Well, you can visit Achieve when you need cash now for your startup business.  There are a number of low-interest loan options if you need cash now for the business. You can choose to apply for payday loans, emergency cash solutions, or cash in advance, etc.

The beauty with this type of loan is the fact that you get them fast. After approval, your cash is sent to your account immediately. These loans are also good for upstarts, given that they don’t really factor your credit score that much. Yes, you can get that business loan with a bad credit score, unlike, if you choose to go for traditional lenders.  They are also quite secure contrary to the misconception that borrowing online is risky. That said, you should only borrow from an online loan lender that’s credible to avoid falling into scams or having your data exposed. 

Business Tip: Only apply for a loan with a solid business plan so that you don’t end defaulting and struggling with debt. 

2. Try crowdfunding 

This entails launching a campaign to collect money from well-wishers who see the potential in your business idea. To successfully receive the funding, you must study the market to identify the right crowdfunding platforms and the target audience. Try to craft the idea in a persuasive and easy-to-grasp manner. Know that business pitches will differ and should, therefore, not copy from other successful campaigners. You can look into some successful crowdfunding campaigns to get some ideas. If others see the potential in your business, then you will get some cash. All you need is convincing power and a good product. 

3. Pick a second job

The fact that you are seeking ways of funding your business shows that you believe in it and would do anything to set it rolling. This is why you might want to find a second job to earn extra cash for capital. Depending on your current location or work schedule, you may be able to find a job quickly or after a short wait. However, if you are in an area where jobs are remote or cannot work for extra hours, then you need to be creative. You can guide tourists in town or rent them your car, run errands for others, rent extra space in your house, babysit as you go about your evening routine, or walk pets in the neighborhood. Other money-making ventures include marketing products and services for a commission, participating in online surveys, referring members for online research, playing video games, testing products, reading emails, reviewing music apps and sites, etc. 

4. Sell stuff 

Today, there is so much that you can sell for an extra dollar, both products and services. You may start with the clutter in your home, such as electronics, bags, clothes, books, photos, digital courses, e-books, and so much more. You can also offer some of your services based on your skills. For example, if you are a dancer, you can teach a particular group of people in exchange for money. If you are a photographer, rather than stressing over lack of money, you can look around for events and seek an opportunity of preserving their precious moments. You can also participate in contests and take home the big prizes. 

5. Seek unclaimed money 

Looking for unclaimed money, such as from overcharged services and late paychecks, is another quick way of getting out of a financial strain. Try to think of all the people who owe you and see if you can recover some cash for your business. 

6. Sell some products before launch

This idea does not apply to all products but it’s another nice option. If you have a sellable product already or are close to finishing, then you might want to translate it into cash. You can sell and use the funds to finalize the design process. Another option is to re-evaluate your business model if it can get you some cash faster. For example, if you are selling a two-month e-course, you can break it down to monthly options to accommodate more willing clients and in turn deliver quicker sales. 

7. Flip items

Yes, that’s a thing. People are eager to pour dollars for the things that grab their attention. If you have a product that many people covet for, then you are sitting on cash. You can flip furniture, antiques, fancy clothes, websites, electronics, sporting goods & equipment, ornaments, old canning jars, lawn tools, book sets, and anything else that you may find valuable. There are tons of great places where you can source the items, including thrift stores, in garage and yard sales, flea markets, auctions, and estate sales.  The idea is to find products that customers want and you will need to be smart in the items you buy. You should, however, be careful when trading. Ensure that you are safe especially if you are trading in the digital space. 

Final thought: 

For your business to grow fast, the chances are high that you will need other sources of capital. Having highlighted some of the options for your business funding, it is up to you to evaluate what works best for you and go with it. Remember also to assess terms and conditions that fit your plan in the present and the future.