Improved Home Network Protection For Entrepreneurs And Those Who Work From Home


Back in August 2016, I wrote a post about the Bitdefender BOX—a device that protects my home network, laptop, phone, and other connected devices from malware.

I’ve continued to use this BOX because I appreciate the peace of mind it gives me. After all, 100% of my income as an entrepreneur comes from the work I do on my laptop and phone.

If my devices got hacked, then my income plummets and I’d be hardcore depressed. Luckily I don’t need to worry about that thanks to this BOX.

And I have news. Just this January, Bitdefender previewed an upcoming second version of the BOX.

In other words, the Bitdefender BOX that’s designed to protect all your wi-fi connected devices just got better.

Improved BOX Features

The improved Bitdefender BOX—supposedly coming out near the end of 2017—comes with four advanced features:

1) Vulnerability assessment – The BOX can continuously scan for weaknesses or security flaws in your network.

2) Private line – Set up a private VPN connection to protect your devices and privacy even when you use public wi-fi.

3) URL blacklist – Bitdefender will track and inform you of bad websites that could be dangerous.

4) Bitdefender BOX app – This new option allows you to stay updated on network events and manage your devices away from home.

Securing your home devices can’t be understated, especially for an entrepreneur or someone who works from home for a living. And these four improved features clearly make it easier to stay protected from hackers and computer viruses.

That means, for you and me, we can keep business rolling without suffering a major technological setback.

Attending CES 2017?

If you’re attending CES 2017 in Las Vegas (unfortunately I’m not), I encourage you to go check out the Bitdefender BOX in person from January 5 to January 8, Sands A-C, and booth number 40550.

Experts will be doing a series of demonstrations showing the BOX’s features and how it can protect against hackers’ attempts to compromise smart devices. I hear it’s going to be really cool.

And I truly believe that visiting the booth at CES and talking to the staff is the best way to learn more about this product.

However, if you can’t make it, then you can watch these Bitdefender YouTube videos for more information about this device. Or you can stay updated on BOX news by following Bitdefender on Twitter or Facebook.

Brian Robben

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