How To Support Your Spouse In Their Work And Career


Support is essential for a spouse who is working on building a career. This is much easier said than done, as it isn’t always easy to give up the time and attention you get from your spouse in order for them to pursue their career goals. But, your spouse will greatly appreciate your love, patience, and support.

If you were working toward an exciting or beneficial goal, wouldn’t you want your partner to support you every step of the way? Of course you would.

Likewise, instead of becoming jealous of your partner’s work aspirations, become their ultimate cheerleader. Whether your partner is starting an entrepreneurial goal, changing jobs, or trying to climb the corporate latter, there are many ways you can show your support.

Here are some essential tips to support your spouse’s career and work-related goals.

Be a Team Player

When you got married you agreed to stand by one another for richer or poorer, no matter what the circumstance. One way you can stand by your vows and support your spouse’s career is by being a team player, even when times are tough.

Over the years, you may see a steady decline in cash flow, especially if your mate has taken on entrepreneurial goals. During these times you can support your mate financially by pitching in, perhaps taking on full or part-time work of your own.

You can support them emotionally by sticking by their decisions. This isn’t always easy.

For example, your mate may want to move you to a different country for some time for work reasons. If it is feasible to do so, will you follow your mate to help support their career or will you have a complaining, negative attitude?

Be a Sounding Board

There are many aspects of your partner’s work life that they may want to talk about. New positions they’d like to take on, branching out into a new field, taking on more responsibilities, or even just having a creative session to get ideas flowing.

These are all things that they may want to speak with you about. Even if you can’t entirely relate to the topic at hand, it is still encouraging for your partner to know you are willing to listen.

Whether you are offering your ear as a sounding board or participating in a brainstorming session to help your partner get excited about their work project, your partner will appreciate having you there to listen to their thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

Give Pep Talks

Your partner is not always going to be able to keep a positive attitude about their work and career. One way you can support your spouse’s career is by giving them a daily or weekly pep talk.

Remind them of all the wonderful reasons you have to believe in them. Remind them why they are great at their job and why the world/market/company benefits from having them on their team.

Leave notes of encouragement in your spouse’s car, on the bathroom mirror, or in their lunch. Finding these little surprises throughout the day will help show your spouse your genuine support.

Positive encouragement can help your spouse achieve their goals. Your support will encourage your spouse to push harder, be more creative, and muscle through the rough patches.

Be Your Spouse’s Cheerleader

Work can be stressful, so it’s important that your partner can come home to someone who is enthusiastic about their work life.

This means giving them the extra push when they are feeling tired, reminding them of all their excellent qualities that make them perfect for the position they are fighting for, and validates their dreams and ambitions.

One interesting static shows that when parents are supportive and express their desire for their child to graduate high-school, that child will then be 81% more likely to graduate.

Why? Because they had someone who supported them, cheering them on.

Similarly, your spouse is more likely to succeed at whatever they are trying to accomplish when they know that their partner is right behind them, supporting their decisions and routing for their success.

Whether your spouse is taking a new job opportunity or simply trying to advance their position, they are going to need your undying support.

Show Understanding and Discernment

Of course, showing support your spouse’s career does not mean putting your relationship on the backburner. But it does mean choosing when and where to have important conversations.

If you are upset about a small thing your spouse did, such as forgetting to take out the garbage, confronting them as soon as they get home from work is not a wise choice.

Understand the frustration your partner is feeling. Acknowledge that sometimes they are going to be forgetful or come home exhausted or in a bad mood.

Giving your partner the benefit of the doubt when they are going through a difficult or stressful time at work is one way you can support your spouse’s career and emotional wellbeing.

Talk About the Future

You cannot know the best way to support your spouse if you don’t know what their ultimate goals are. Knowing what each other’s plans are will help strengthen your marriage and help you understand where your mate is coming from regarding their career.

If your partner is ever feeling down and out or simply frustrated with their career, get them talking about the future.

Whether your partner is pursuing a new job or trying to start their own business, speaking openly about their goals and dreams will help them refocus and get excited about what life will be like after they have settled into their new career.

Supporting your spouse is how you show them that you love and care for them, so make sure you do it whole-souled.

Building excellent communication skills, being there as a sounding board for your mate, and encouraging them to reach for their dreams are all essential traits to support your spouse’s career.

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