How to Design Your Business’ Paper Flyers

Want to spread the word about your business out in the world? Paper flyers are a great way to do that. Use these tips to design beautiful flyers yourself.

Don’t you find it funny that there’s a revival of print marketing?

We’re so used to digital formats that we’re becoming blind to it all. We’ve rediscovered the joy of holding something and interacting with it. In that regard, paper flyers offer an awesome way to reach your desired audience and clients.

The following offers a simple, 5-step process of creating them. Let’s get going!

Step 1: Get Inspiration for Paper Flyers

Where can you find examples of flyers? The Web!

  • Dribble
  • Awwwards
  • Behance

Check out design portfolios and what the competition is doing, too. Then, save the ones you enjoy as part of your swipe file

Step 2: Brainstorm a Dozen+ Flyer Ideas

With the swipe file full of design inspiration — think of:

  • Important elements needed on the flyer
  • How it plays into the current product catalog
  • The tone to which you speak to clients

You’re crafting a static ad that people happen to interactive with. The flyer needs a bit of convincing content but also catchy graphics to engage its recipient. Plus, you want it to stand out from all the other paper ads people receive each day.

Stuck in a creative rut? Try a few creative exercises to get the juices going!

Step 3: Find and Download a (Close Enough) Template

Are you a full-time graphic designer and/or marketer? If that’s a “no” then leave it to the professionals, okay?

You will find tons of great flyer templates online:

  • Design marketplaces and blogs
  • Free templates built into design tools
  • Online print shops and services

A simple search for “your business” + “best market flyer” is bound to deliver dozens of results. From there, you can tweak the advertisement template to your specifications. These templates offer editable fields where you can plunk in your creative and copy.

Step 4: Customize the Flyer to Your Specifics

There are a ton of ways to take a template and make it your own.

  • Use a color schemes generator and remix the colors
  • Swap in new fonts and text formatting to convey a unique tone
  • Place real images of your business + team vs stock images and graphics

Fill the essential pieces like the business hours template and the like. Save it, and then go back and make a copy where you experiment with the design. Keep remixing and getting feedback from the team until you’ve got one that everyone likes.

Step 5: Go to Print

The most challenging part of designing a great flyer is being happy with what you’ve created. It’s really easy to continue fiddling with the design, never finishing the project. Instead of failing to deliver — get 99% of the way there and then go to print.

Where will you send the design? Try:

  • VistaPrint
  • GotPrint
  • Uprinting

You could invest in a quality printer and do the printing in-house. Or, take the design to a local Staples, UPS Store, or Office Depot for printing. You could combine both, too, by doing a test print in-house then a bulk order when it looks good to go.

Adding Print to Your Marketing Efforts

There’s something unique and fulfilling about paper flyers. The tangible feeling creates a memorable experience. This experience creates a positive image for your brand, and that’s powerful.

Print marketing is an amazing way to differentiate your brand and offers. Try flyer marketing and see what sort of ROI it offers your efforts. But, don’t stop there — be sure to check out other, helpful ways to grow your business with the guides on the blog!