Here are the 5 Habits All Successful Entrepreneurs Do Every Day

If you have spent any time learning about successful entrepreneurs, you know that they often say that time is their most valuable asset. These are the people who wear the same things every day to work because it takes less time than choosing a new outfit. These are the people who avoid TV and social media because they know how much time can be wasted watching Netflix and scrolling. These are the people who hire people to take care of the monotony of life — such as cooking and cleaning.

Here are five habits that successful entrepreneurs do each day to make sure that their time is used as efficiently as possible.

1. Delegate.

An entrepreneur will quickly learn that there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete everything that is needed to do to start and maintain a successful business. At some point in the process, he or she needs to find others to help on the journey. 

Giving up control may be extremely difficult for some, but if you find people who fill in your knowledge and skill gaps, handing over the reins may not be as scary as you thought it would be. 

Delegating allows you to be more efficient with your time. Instead of wading through tax laws, trying to learn what you need to know about your responsibilities to Uncle Sam, it is better to hire a Certified Public Accountant. Instead of taking out the trash from your office each night, it is better to hire a cleaning crew to do it, so you can spend your time developing additional products or services. 

These may seem like obvious examples, but often when business owners get started, they can’t afford to hire others to help. It may be tricky to understand when it is time to start outsourcing some work so that you can use your time more efficiently.

2. Pay attention to your health.

It takes energy to run a business. You need to be on high alert each moment of the day and have the stamina to handle what is thrown at you, even if it happens late in the evening.

That’s why most successful entrepreneurs schedule a time to exercise. Not only does exercise help reduce stress and depression, but it also gives you the stamina necessary to take on your 12-hour workday.

3. Receive quality sleep.

Successful entrepreneurs do not tolerate a lumpy, unsupportive mattress. In fact, most business leaders would pay any amount of money to ensure quality sleep. For entrepreneurs, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

So how does one receive quality sleep? First, start with a supportive mattress. Second, invest in quality sheets and other linens. Finally, purchase quality pillows. They should be comfortable and supportive and not cause any back or neck pain. In fact, if you suffer from aches during the night, you may want to look into purchasing a wedge pillow to mitigate back pain.

4. Create a schedule.

Some entrepreneurs learn to develop a schedule to make sure that their days run efficiently — and their schedules may surprise you. Some business leaders avoid emails and phone messages until late morning. Instead, they spend their early-morning hours focused on learning more about the industry and brainstorming how to improve production, retain excellent staff, and decrease churn. Those individuals say that starting their day with emails causes them to get immediately bogged down with minutia, that may work itself out without your contribution.

Some businesspeople schedule time with family and friends as well. It’s easy to get focused on your business and realize only too late that you aren’t home to see the kids tucked into bed. Creating a work/life balance means that you are committed to making difficult decisions to make sure you spend quality time with those you love when you are away from the office.

5. Keep your things organized.

You may have seen periodic studies that claim that brilliant minds often have messy desks. While there may be a few famous examples of notoriously messy but highly effective people, overall, it is better to stay organized if you want to live as efficiently as possible.

Make sure every item has its place. It makes it easier to head out the door each morning if you know that your keys are on your key hook, and your wallet is in the basket on the kitchen counter. 

Those geniuses with messy desks? They probably had an assistant following behind them each moment of the day, keeping track of the details of life.

More than anything, successful entrepreneurs may deliberate, careful decisions about all aspects of life. What choices are you making that keep you from getting ahead?