The New Book Uncovered: Freedom Mindset (With Table Of Contents)

I’m really excited to tell you about my new book that will come out later in March titled Freedom Mindset: Using Money To Get Wealthy, Retire Early, and Do What You Love.

This book has essentially been my life for about a year as I look back to the beginning stages of research and outlining what I wanted to communicate to you about money. Wow, thinking back that far is crazy for me.

Then came the dog days of writing at 6 am before work, during lunch, and in the evening. And next came the continual back and forth revisions with my editor as we sculpted and chiseled what we desired for the finished product.

I’m happy to say that all the work has been entirely worth it as I absolutely love the content in my new book Freedom Mindset! I know it’s my best creation (so far).

If you’re a young adult who wants to take control of your money and get rich, I’m convinced you’re going to get a ton of value out of this book.

Freedom Mindset isn’t a complex finance book that you can only understand if you have a background in finance or accounting. It’s the opposite.

This book walks you through a step-by-step approach to reach financial freedom so you can live more and work less. What would you pursue when you’re free to stop worrying about money so you can start chasing what makes you happy?

Without further ado, here’s the first unveiling of the book cover:


And as promised, below is the table of contents from Freedom Mindset with some additional details of each chapter for you to preview.

Freedom Mindset Table Of Contents

The Purpose Of This Book

Chapter 1 Money Coming In
Earning Power
Find And Get Paid Your Market Value
Eight Steps To Salary Negotiation Excellence

Chapter 2 The Most Important Factor To Becoming Rich
Wise Money Management

Chapter 3 Destroying Debt
Debt Is The Worst Stage Five Clinger
Mission: Destroy Your Debt
Objective 1: Eliminate Student Loans
Objective 2: Terminate Credit Card Debt
Objective 3: Stay Out Of Debt

Chapter 4 Saving For Freedom
Your Current Saving Problem
Financial Freedom
The Golden Savings Rule: Pay Yourself First
Now Is The Time For High Savings
How To Automatically Pay Yourself First
Five Steps To Financial Freedom

Chapter 5 Spending With A Plan
My Friend’s Problem Is Also Your Spending Problem
The Average Person’s Spending Mindset
The Rich Person’s Spending Mindset
Your Spending Solution
Easiest Way To Track Your Spending

Chapter 6 Investing Truths And Myths
You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Invest, But You Have To Invest To Become Rich
Unnecessary Weight Part 1: Mutual Funds
Unnecessary Weight Part 2: Financial Advisers

Chapter 7 Your Winning Investment Strategy
Part I: Why An Index Fund Is Your Best Bet
Are Index Funds Too Good To Be True?
Part II: What About Buying Individual Stocks?
Part III: Putting It All Together

Chapter 8 Feed The Investing Machine
Automatic Investing
Avoid These Investing Mistakes

Chapter 9 Remember The Goal: Financial Freedom
Things Better Than Money
Giving Back
How To Give Back

Chapter 10 Follow Through For Success
Follow Through Or What You Read Is Basically Useless

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