E-commerce Trends That Could Increase Your Revenue In 2019

The first e-commerce trend of 2019 that would help you improve your revenue is contextual and programmatic advertising. It is expected that in 2019 such ads would increase in number. In fact, social media sites are already redesigning themselves so that they are able to cater to the same. This trend is also being referred to as programmatic advertising. In this case, datasets are used in order to determine the audience who would be targeted with the ads. These ads would be shown to them on the basis of their consumption. They will always be targeted again following a period of time so that they can generate higher ROI (return on investment).

In simple terms, this can be explained as getting the right audience to the right ad and that too at the right moment. 

Automation of Marketing 

As far as laymen are concerned this particular process means scheduling posts on social media channels and automating the process of e-mail marketing. The thing is that this has become a major part of the shipping industry trends of 2019. It is not showing any signs of stopping as such. It covers a number of areas such as customizing the landing pages as well as making the shopping carts easier to access. There is a lot that you would be able to do if you automated your marketing the right way.

Artificial Intelligence 

As far as e-commerce stores are concerned, store personalization and automation are major challenges indeed. The biggest problems that they face in this regard are in identifying and customer patterns on the basis of their browsing history. This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) can play a major role indeed. These intelligent algorithms are now being hailed by the experts. It is being said that they are the keys with which they can deal with such challenges. Business Insider says that retailers who are using strategies of personalization are seeing their sales improve by between 6 and 14 percent. 

Better Shipping Options 

This is going to be one of the biggest shipping industry trends this year as well. For the past few years, logistics and shipping are areas that have become somewhat stagnant. There have been some improvements in this regard such as free shipping. However, it was only in 2013 that the idea of same-day delivery became a part of the mainstream as such. Things have however started to look up in this particular area. Amazon has already started to test drone deliveries in the USA (United States of America). These drones are working by integrating Google Maps.     

Mobile Commerce

If you look at data from online retailers each year you would see that the number of mobile transactions is going up on a regular basis. This is especially true of the holiday season. If you as an e-commerce entity do not yet have a mobile responsive website it is really high time that you did so. People these days spend more time on their mobile phones than their computers. Gartner expects that in 2019 e-commerce mobile shopping figures would reach an all-time high.  

AR for Product Visualization 

As part of the shipping industry trends for 2019 AR (Augmented Reality) is expected to play a major role in the domain of product visualization. Apple has recently come up with an AR kit for iOS 11, which is its newest operating system. As a response to that Google has also come up with AR Core that would be used in Android smartphones. In 2019 it is expected that there would be an upward shift in using AR for the purpose of product visualization. 

Voice Search Will Become Important 

Experts suggest that e-commerce stores start to optimize their content for voice search. Google has brought out some new guidelines in this regard and as per them, it says that voice search needs to include a greater amount of textual content. This would let them appear in knowledge graphs as well as rich snippets. You can always use pictures and tables on your website but you would not get any real benefit from the same. However, if your website has voice enabled buttons you would get greater conversion from the smart speakers. 


Snapping and shopping are going to be a major trend in this regard in 2019 as well. From now on people would simply click photos of products that they wish to order online. There are lots of photo apps such as CamFinder that can make things like this happen. It is expected that more such apps would come up in 2019. This trend will also play a leading role when it comes to selling affiliate products by way of photo-based shopping. Pinterest has also come up with its very own photo camera. This particular facility recognizes and then interprets images in order to provide the most correct description of a product.