A Day In The Life Of Brian Robben – Online Business Edition

Graduation party, eating out at a restaurant, lifting at the gym, making a quick stop at the grocery, depositing a check at the bank, no matter the situation, whenever I run into someone I know they always ask, “So what do you do? Like what’s your day like?”

I appreciate the curiosity. I just didn’t expect the idea of working on an online business to be so foreign to wrap their minds around. To each their own.

Back when I worked a 9 to 5 sales job I did a post titled My Typical Day From Wake Up To Sleep. But now everything is different since I’m free to spend all my time working to grow my online business.

For those reasons, I felt we needed a second go around to describe my day. Here it is:

My Typical Day Running An Online Business

8 am – Wake up, grab a coffee with cream and sugar (or go black if I’m feeling healthy), and get a glass of water. Then it’s straight to my laptop for a two- to three-hour writing session. In the past this would be a mix of book and blog writing, but recently it’s been all blog material. And the reason I don’t eat breakfast is because I practice the intermittent fasting lifestyle plus it saves me time.

11 AM – Start marketing for my current clients. Sometimes this means SEO work, social media marketing, or strategizing. Whatever it is, I’m doing my best to provide more value than they’re paying me. That makes them happy and they stick with me.

12 PM – It’s time for a big lunch (I’m usually starving by this point). And during this time I’m responding to emails from subscribers, collaborators, advertisers, and other random requests. Responding to emails helps me feel less overwhelmed the rest of the day.

1 PM – Back to doing outside client work after getting some food. I have to pay the bills, right? I’m just playing. But this is a good break from my early morning and late night writing.

3 PM – The later half of my afternoon is spent doing sales. I’ll reach out to my network and see if they need any digital marketing done. Or I’ll craft emails to other entrepreneurs to see how we can collaborate.

5 PM – If I have recorded a video, I’ll edit it, add music, find images, title it, write a description, and upload this to YouTube. Then I’ll share the video on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Editing and publishing takes longer than you would think.

6 PM – Ever since I was a kid my family has eaten super quick. My mom got it from her parents and they got it from theirs, so it’s been passed down to me. I know you’re supposed to eat slow to help the food digest and enjoy the moment, but that’s not how I do dinner. It’s quick and back to being productive.

6:20 PM –  To start the night I’ll record a YouTube video or plan ahead some videos I want to do in the future. Videos is something new to this year. I’m having fun with it and trying to get better. Check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t yet to get even more content on top of this blog.

7:30 PM – I wish I was an early morning exercise guy, I’m just not. I’ll go to the gym and do back and biceps, chest and triceps, or legs and shoulders. I do 5 to 10 minutes of abs a day at home or at the gym. Last year I downgraded from a gym charging me $73 a month to $10 a month, which is $63 more per month I can put toward investing. It’s nice when my money, makes me money.

9 PM – Since most people are busy in school or working during the day, every single coaching call I’ve done has happened at night. The first call is a 30 minute information session to see what’s going on and how I may be able to help them. Then if they want to pay for coaching going forward, we’ll attack their goals and to reach their potential. It’s fun to motivate people when most of my day is spent doing individual tasks. Want to work with me? Fill out this form and let’s go.

10 PM –  A writer’s going to write: I’m back to the computer to write an upcoming blog post for Take Your Success. This could be an article due tomorrow or, if I’m ahead, one in the next week or month. It pays to be prepared.

11 PM – Here’s a hybrid hour. I’m either doing small tasks I haven’t gotten to yet like responding to email or social media comments. And sometimes I’ll watch House of Cards or Silicon Valley.

12 AM – Read a nonfiction book for 30 to 60 minutes and take notes to publish a book summary for the Take Your Success book club later in the week. (If you’re wondering, my favorite book at this point is The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.) I might keep reading or plan out my next day before bed.

1 AM – Finally I call it a night to go to sleep and dream about success (lol just kidding, I’m not that weird).

Before you go, know the video above was recorded in March. And my entire schedule is going to change starting now.

That schedule you see above is what my days used to look like.

Now that I just started a new digital marketing company—more details coming soon—my average day is going to look a whole lot different as I transform from mainly author and blogger to mainly business owner (I’ll still be publishing content on the side).

Looks like I’ll have to do a third post to show you my new daily routine.

What’s your typical day? Is it aligned with your long-term goals?

Make sure you spend your days and hours with purpose.

They all add up if you want to take your success.

P.S. Looking at the amount of hours worked—and that schedule is roughly the same 7 days a week—is it obvious I love what I do?

Brian Robben

Brian Robben is the founder of Take Your Success, a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs grow a profitable business and reach freedom. For in-depth training, visit: brianrobben.com

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  1. Dividend Daze

    That is pretty transparent to go through a day in the life so to speak. Lucky you can still function after going to bed at 1 AM haha. I need more sleep, but I guess I also have to get up a little earlier. Glad you love what you do.

    1. Brian Robben

      How many hours a night of sleep do you roughly get?

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