That’s an obvious answer, of course you do. Accomplishing a big goal would change your life.

But there’s a difference between desiring to do something and actually completing it. It’s better to ask how do you achieve your goals?

There are thousands of articles that deal with setting goals and achieving them, including 9 Steps To Achieve Any Goal, 5 Easy Hacks To Quickly Accomplish A Goal, and How To Achieve Your Goals (With Pictures).

If you read all of these articles you’ll waste weeks (more like your entire life) gaining knowledge and still not knowing where to take action first.

It’s a fact that you won’t be successful if you run around trying any and every approach you hear about.

As the saying goes, you’ll go a mile wide and an inch deep—in other words, doing busy work but accomplishing nothing of significance.

To be honest, the secret to success is twofold: the right mindset and a few powerful tactics.

I’ve discovered how to set a goal, like many people, but where I’m different is I’ve learned the harder and more important skill of achieving a goal.

Just take a look at my previous goals and how quickly I accomplished them….

2011 to 2015 Goal: Graduate summa cum laude from Miami University

  • Graduated summa cum laude, finishing with a 3.97 GPA

2015 Goal: Write a book

  • My first book The Golden Resume became an Amazon bestseller in September 2015
  • Now I’m a 3x Amazon bestselling author


2015 Goal: Become a full-time entrepreneur

  • Quit my sales job in February 2016 to work full-time on Take Your Success and other businesses

2016 Goal: Get featured in a major publication

  • featured the salary negotiation article I wrote in December 2016


  • I’ve also been featured on Fox News TV


2016 Goal: Grow my personal income to $5,000 a month

  • Made more than $10,000 of income in December 2016


2017 Goal: Build my digital marketing company into a $10,000+/month revenue business

  • My business, Robben Media, became a six-figure business in just 5 months

See that? I have a proven track record of setting BIG goals and then completing them.

And if you noticed the dates above, I achieved what I set out to without wasting any time. That’s huge because it allows me to complete one goal and then direct my focus to accomplish something new.

Not many people accomplish their goals, let alone do it in record pace.

Who wouldn’t want to set big goals and achieve them?

When it comes to changing a tire, fixing a faucet, or many things in life, I completely suck.

But by now you can see that I know my stuff when it comes to achieving goals. This is a unique talent of mine.

That’s how I have already helped many young adults reach their goals, including helping a woman create a successful blog, helping a guy reach financial freedom, and helping a friend land their dream job.

From implementing what I know for myself first and then other individuals, I’ve mastered how to help people set a goal and then take specific action to knock it out.

And I’ve found it the best use of my time to focus on what I’m good at: helping people perform their best to achieve their goals.

So if you want to work with me and accomplish results that can change your life, keep reading…

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