The Best Time To Start Is Always Now


I’m not some oracle or wizard. But I’m convinced the wisdom you’re about to hear is priceless: The best time to start is always NOW.

In about every thing you consider doing for your betterment, it’s better to start now than later.

Start today. Don’t wait. And you’ll win.

It’s that simple!

These examples will show you exactly what I mean.

Finding work you love doing

Guess what? I really like my work. It’s my favorite thing to do in this world. That wasn’t the case in February 2016 at my sales job. So I quit my job to do work I love.

Just like that, I knew being an entrepreneur had my name on it and I acted fast. Now I’m 100% happier.

Some people go their entire lives with the mindset that they have to trade time for money. And they never experience the other game where their job is something they look forward to every week.

The time is now to discover and pursue work you’re passionate about.

Though there’s a fine line here. I’m not saying don’t put in your dues, work hard, and sacrifice fun to work longer so you get a leg up at your company. Working hard should be a given.

But get to the cliche where work doesn’t feel like work because you enjoy it. That can become your reality if you start moving towards it daily. When you enjoy what you get paid to do, you’ll never go through life the same.

Getting in a consistent healthy eating and exercising habit

The longer you wait, the more you’ll build the habit of an unhealthy lifestyle. Your heart, arteries, back, and body only deteriorates faster the lazier you are.  

Instead of gaining 15 unwanted pounds after college, it will extend to 25, 35, and maybe 45 into your thirties f you procrastinate long enough.

Not to be dramatic, but I’m going to be for a sentence or two: If you go too far over into the unhealthy zone, you can cut decades off of your life. That’s the dire consequence of waiting to be healthy.

Here’s your medicine. Eat healthier. Limit fast food.Go with water over soda. Get to the nearest gym now and sign up. My Planet Fitness gym only costs $10 a month, anyone can afford that.

Don’t even think about it. Just go today! It sounds counterintuitive because everyone nowadays overthinks things. But it’s time to stop thinking and start eating nutritious foods and moving your body. Your body will reward you with longevity.

Go already!

Learning how to invest your money

If you know my content, a good chunk of the time I talk about getting your money right and investing. Learning how to and investing your money in your early twenties compared to your early thirties can mean millions of more dollars. Got your attention?

Here’s why:

  • Your money will double more based on the rule of 72 (a calculation to determine how fast an investment will double)
  • Compound interest (where your money makes money on itself) multiplies the longer its in the market
  • Time in the market is arguably the best advantage an individual investor has going for them
  • Your money will keep up with inflation if it’s invested in a S&P 500 index fund

Now if you enjoy being poor, then by all means don’t learn how to invest. Just save your money under your bed. Oh yeah, don’t forget about digging a hole in your backyard.

But if the thought of reaching financial freedom and providing your future family with an incredible life is 1% appealing to you, watch my videos, buy my Freedom Mindset book, or learn about money from someone else who knows what they’re doing.

The time is now to take positive financial steps, since going back to yesterday or five years ago is impossible. Money pays for freedom. Learn how to master it now!

Building self-awareness

Self-awareness is simply knowing your wishes, desires, feelings, strengths, and yourself.

Ironically, self-awareness will help you with every single example on this list. Every one.

It’ll help you: know what career you’ll excel in, your best exercise, why financial freedom matters to you, who to love, who to spend time with, fun hobbies for your personality, what organization to serve, and why to be grateful.

How do you build self-awareness? That’s a little bit tougher.

Here are some activities to help:

  • Write down your 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year goals
  • Take the Strength’s Finder test
  • Reevaluate how happy you are at your job every month
  • Spend time reflecting on the best parts of your day and why
  • Read fiction and nonfiction books
  • Put yourself out there to meet new people each week
  • Try new hobbies
  • Ask coworkers and friends about what you excel at

Honestly self-awareness comes with age. But now’s the best time to look for and develop it.

Living in a loving relationship

I get it. You don’t want to be lonely and the guy or girl giving you attention right now can feel good.

My reservation is that a lot of people are in relationships that plain and simple are unhealthy. Their anxiety is through the roof. They can’t trust the other. And it brings the worst out of them. But for some reason they stay in it.

I’m not your dating coach. But let me be your friend: If your significant other, person you’re talking to, or flavor of the month isn’t treating you right, toss them to the curb. There are billions of people out there in the world, meaning you can find a ton of lovers who treat you right.

Maybe I should do a Robben Rant on love? Nah.

Seriously, though, analyze your relationship now before you get married to the wrong person and have to suffer more pain down the road. Quit it early before the hammer comes down on you later and kids are in the mix.

Spending quality time with friends and family

High school and college made it easy to see your friends almost every single day. You went to the same school, lived in the same place, and went to the same social events.

After you graduate and age, everything changes. Friends are spread out across the country. Everyone’s too busy to even take a phone call. Those nights staying up all night talking about life are far gone the more you age. You simply lose connection with your old friends.

The only way to reverse this trend is to make a committed effort to stay in touch. Give them a text or call right now. Prioritize hanging out with people who make you feel good.

And our parents are only getting older. If you haven’t seen them in a month or more, give them a call today or schedule a dinner with them for next week. The best time to reconnect is now.

To be honest, this is a weakness of mine because I’m always working. I’ll take my own medicine by connecting with old friends to grab lunch and dinner this week. I promise!

Discovering a hobby you love

It’s so much better to live life on your terms. And in this case I mean not only working on interesting stuff, but also having hobbies outside of work that you genuinely go to for peace and relaxation.

Watching the television because you haven’t found a hobby that energizes you isn’t a way to go through life. Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Wine tasting
  • Photography
  • Ping pong
  • Guitar
  • Basketball
  • Sailing
  • Thrift shopping
  • Gardening
  • Gaming
  • Playing poker
  • Hiking
  • Acting
  • Archery
  • Glassblowing
  • Video gaming
  • And 1,000+ other ideas waiting for you to try them

Don’t wait for retirement to find your passion for golf or cycling. You can find your escape now and go to it to release stress.

Why wait to find your passions? C’mon dude.

Giving back to your community

Another myth I need to bust is the idea that you need to wait to give back until you’re richer, older, or less busy. That can’t be further from the truth.

You’re enough right now, as you are, to make a positive difference in your local community. Volunteer at the food shelter. Donate your clothes you don’t wear anymore. And look for opportunities to bless others.

Their lives and yours will improve through your service. It doesn’t make sense to wait until you’re retired to care about community issues. And when you’re 80, you might not be fit enough to serve—you might need a youngster to help you.

What am I getting at? You know the drill. The best time to serve your community is now.

Feeling grateful to be alive

Don’t think for a second that I’m ending this post with a sappy, cheesy ending.

Gratitude deserves to be first on this list. Don’t believe me? Read this. Because the best time to realize how blessed you are to be alive and breathing in this beautiful world is right here, right now.

If you haven’t figured it out, life is all about perception. The rich person with a poor perspective is lost. The poor person with a rich perspective is content.

If you live life like it’s a gift, you’ll have more than enough time on earth to make your life count. The older you get with the wrong mindset, the more years you waste being a grumpy, entitled, and piece-of-crap human. That’s not cool to yourself or the people in your live.

Appreciate the moment and seize the days you’re given: carpe diem.

The past is dead. The future can wait. Your life is now.

The best time to start is NOW.

Brian Robben

Brian Robben is the founder of Take Your Success, a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs grow a profitable business and reach freedom. For in-depth training, visit:

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  1. Dividend Daze

    I agree, the best time for just about anything is now. Investing mainly because time in the market can seriously impact your financial well-being as your get older. People always wait around for an excuse or come up with an excuse to not do something. That is just a defense mechanism because they probably secretly don’t want to do something even though they know they should. Why wait until a new years resolution to work out if you can do it at home for at least a few minutes a day? But that is what separates the good from the great. Sometimes it’s hard to find a hobby or something you want to do. But if you put in some hard work now, you will have more opportunities later if something presents itself. Even though its the hardest, just need to take that first step.

    1. Brian Robben

      You’re absolutely right about investing! I appreciate your comment and continuing the discussion.

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