10 Best Entrepreneurship Areas From 2018 To 2020

Beginning a business is not simple. Starters often struggle to get capital from loans and several other means.

The highly successful entrepreneurs however are known to ignore the odds and anyone discouraging them.

The best thing in any type of business is to know how to stand out from the rest. With these obstacles in mind, there are various fields which are perfect areas to start thinking about if you want to excel.

So want to know the best entrepreneurship areas from 2018 to 2020? This guide is for the hustling entrepreneur ready to make their mark.

Best Entrepreneurship Industries – 2018 To 2020



Blockchain is a digital ledger of transaction which cannot be corrupted. It can be designed to perform money transactions and anything of value.

Unlike banks which process transactions using traditional currencies, blockchain permits free transfer of cryptocurrency via a decentralized platform. Presently, blockchain technology is common in the banking and finance sector.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence refers to all the means of denoting humanlike intuition or logic in a system. AI is mostly used to carry out tasks that need domain expertise or intelligence while helping the person responsible for elaborate decision.

Currently, Artificial Intelligence is used to examine and come up with recommendations as per the data which is too large and elaborate for human beings to digest.

Machine learning is part of Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms are used to show intelligent behaviours. It entails teaching a computer how to learn and be able to examine huge data to find out the patterns without needing straightforward programming.

Space research


This is the scientific study performed with scientific tools in space. It encompasses using space technology for wide research fields encompassing physics, medicine, earth science, biology and materials science.

Space research additionally entails scientific payloads from deep space to low orbit. It can also entail researching in the higher atmosphere using high altitude balloons and sounding rockets.

Various new scientific findings and advancements have already come from people’s desire to learn more about space exploration. Thus, while Elon Musk is building reusable rockets, Max Polyakov supports testing of the new satellite engine by FireFly Aerospace. There are a few finding which have a direct space application; others lead to spin off technologies, service and products which benefit people.

Scratch resistant lenses, freeze drying technology temper foam, and advancements to radial tires are the space spin offs which are already improving to health, public safety and transportation sectors.



Chatbots are also referred to as IM bot, Bot, talkbots, interactive agent, chatterbox or Artificial Conversation Entity. A chatbot is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which communicates through text or audio formats. It is used to show how a person can act as a communication partner, thus passing the Turing assessment.

Talkbots are normally applied in dialogue platforms for several experimental reasons for instance; information gathering or client service.

In businesses, talkbots help in eliminating duties and simultaneous processing of many user requests. Besides that, they again contribute so much towards gaining customers’ loyalty.

Fractured Social Media


Social media is an invention that is mediated by machine. It facilitates the formation and dispersion of intentions, information, job interests and many other types of expression through systems and software communities.

People engage with social media through using tablets, computers or Smartphones through a web application or a web-based application. Initially, this technology was meant for interacting with family and comrades but currently it is applied in businesses to find many clients.

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality is an interactive encounter of the actual-world surrounding. Its components are augmented by machine-created perceptual information, at times across several sense modalities like olfactory, haptic, auditory and visual.

The major benefit of Augmented Reality is that it allows digital world parts into the human being’s perception of actual world. This is attained via the incorporation of immersive perceptions that are recognized as earth’s naturally existing sections.

Augmented Reality uses include applying it to improve natural surroundings or conditions which present perceptually augmented encounters. With developed Augmented Reality forms like including machine observation and item identification, the information regarding the actual world of a person changes to interactive and may be modified digitally.

Augmented Reality is additionally capable of collecting and distributing implicit skills. Augmentations methods are normally done in real time and with earth elements in a semantic context. At times, immersive perceptual information is put together with supplement information like live sporting event scores. This puts together the benefits of both AR technology and HDU (heads up display) technology.

Outsourcing agency


Outsourcing is an agreement whereby a company contracts its activities to another company. At times, it might also entail transferring workers and assets from one company to another. Again, outsourcing may be the practice of transferring the leadership of public duties to a private enterprise.

Outsourcing agencies help in saving costs because the job is carried out at a smaller amount and the standard of the outcome is guaranteed to be better. A good example here is the fact that the amount which workers in western countries earn is different from what people in Asia earn. The similar type of job in western nations may be performed at a small cost in India. So, outsourcing jobs to India will save a good percentage of money. Besides that, the standard of the job done is good making sure that the small pay does not imply poor service.

Improved efficiency is another great outcome of outsourcing agencies. If you outsource your job requirements to an excellent company, the workers will come with so much knowledge in the job and excellent skills in bringing elaborate outsourcing assignments. This means the work will be done better using those skills. This improves effectiveness and productivity hence adding to the foundation of a company.

Freelance Marketplace


Freelance work is self-employment and it does not require one to commit to a specific manager for long. At times, freelancers are presented by a non-permanent company which sells freelance tasks to buyers. Other freelancers work individually or they utilize accomplished connections or sites to find work.

Freelancing is dominant in professions such as web design, writing, translating, IT programming, acting and several others.

Electric Car Production


Electric vehicles are plug-in automobiles which are driven by electric-powered motors using energy found in rechargeable batteries.

The interest in electric vehicles came about because of advancement in batteries, issues regarding increases in oil costs and the wish to lower greenhouse gas releases. Many countries have created subsidies, tax credits and more motivations to encourage creation and acquisition of electric vehicles.

Web Designing


This entails several experiences and disciplines in the creation and management of sites. The various sections of website creation are:

  • Interface design
  • Proprietary software
  • User experience design
  • Search engine optimization

A website developer is required to be aware of usability and if he is supposed to create markup, he must be aware of the web accessibility rules.


Those are most promising industries for anyone who would like to start a business between 2018 and 2020. Being able to earn a living in an ever advancing field is a lifelong dream fulfilled.