Best Business to Start near a University

It may be that you live in a university town and want to start a business. However, it is possible that you do not know what business to start. Normally, in these cases, it is seen that the student population in these towns, outnumber the regular population. In these towns the universities are normally the biggest employers. The businesses that thrive in these communities are also ones that cater to the students, who happen to make up the biggest slice of the consumer pie in the area. So, if you wish to be successful with a business in such a town it would have to be one that targets these students. Following are some great examples in this regard.

Laundry and dry cleaning store

One of the best businesses that you could start near a university is a laundry and dry-cleaning store. There is nothing to deny the fact that like everyone else students likes to look good as well. However, their schedules are so tight that it becomes impossible for them to get the kind of time that they need to do their laundry on their own. This is why they would always prefer to have such work done on their behalf. In case you have no problems in getting your hands wet and dirty this is one business that you can always start.


This is a lot like the earlier point in the sense that students do not have any time to cook their own food. This is the reason why they are always looking for restaurants where they can grab a quick bite and keep their tummies filled. Fast food joints are popular in this regard as well. Since eating is one of the most basic needs of any human being you can be sure you would be able to earn some great profits in this regard. You could be further helped in this business if you are a good cook yourself.

Desktop publishing centers for students 

You can start a desktop publishing center for students. Here they can come and get their assignments, project work, and reports formatted, edited, printed, and designed. Apart from these, students can also use their tuition receipts as well as other important documents printed from the website of their own school as and when may be necessary. If you already have a good background in this regard you can be sure you would be able to make great money as well. After all, students would always have assignments to do and you can always help them with your skills in this regard.

Stationery stores 

It is common knowledge that students would always need their pen and paper to do their studies. This is the reason why there is always such a high demand for stores that deal with stationery in all kinds of educational institutions. It helps that they sell virtually each and everything that a student may need at any moment. One of the major advantages of such a business is that you do not need a lot by way of startup capital. Thus, as you can see, there is tremendous scope for this business to do well.