Want To Be Like James Bond? You Can


If you’re honest with yourself, you know that you’ve wanted to be like James Bond. The guy is a legend.

007 has a thrilling career, a romantic love life, and the lifestyle of the rich and famous. “Bond, James Bond” protects the free world from evil scientists while cruising in rocket-missile capable sports cars.

You don’t just envy Bond for his fancy gadgets and hero moves (although those are sweet). You adore him because of his character traits of self-assurance, confidence, bravado, and independence. The guy can turn any situation of global chaos into control with sheer willpower.

Bond is the epitome of girls want to date him and guys want to be him. Who wouldn’t want to be like James Bond?

And where this applies to you is you can be like him. Just because James Bond is a fictional character, doesn’t mean you can’t take real principles or inspiration from him to improve your life.

You absolutely can. It goes with the philosophy whatever works, or do what you need to do.

And some days I do need to channel my inner-James Bond to step up to challenges, take risks, or live a more adventurous life.

So when you’re feeling down or want to level-up your life, look at the greatest spy in the world and his character traits below to give you a boost.

Live An Adventure

On Monday Bond is testing out new guns and gadgets at the England home base, and on Tuesday he’s in Brazil spying on international smugglers. The guy goes across the globe to eliminate evil and save the free world through one adventure to another. In each case, he’s tested mentally and physically in uncomfortable situations of life and death—but it sure is a thrill.

While Bond lives an adventure and travels for work, you’ll want to do it for pleasure. All of the benefits you gain traveling while you’re young are unreal. You can also live an adventure at home. Going outside your comfort zone to skydive, climb a mountain, or go white water rafting will make you feel alive. There’s truly nothing like living an adventurous life! Bond understands this, and that’s why MI6 can’t keep him cooped up in England.

Save Lives

Whether he’s saving the world, a lover, or himself, in every movie you’ll find him playing the hero and saving lives. I get that your life isn’t a movie and you can’t take on global terrorists. Yet you can have the same hero-like impact on the people in need through financial giving. There are charities and organizations all over the world that aim to improve or save the lives of people. When you give, your money heals the sick, feeds the hungry, or shelters the homeless. The only caveat is you must have the money to contribute to these mini-miracles, which is why saving, investing, and multiplying your money is huge.

The time to get in the know about your finances and how to make it grow is now. More money most importantly means more resources to financially help people in need. But it also means more freedom, better experiences (vacations and travel), less time being unhappy at work, and more peace of mind. Because money is so important in personal development, I spent six months writing Freedom Mindset. Read it to master your finances, get in position to help people with your money, and start imitating Bond.

Dress Your Best

You won’t find Bond wearing a shirt from high school with pit stains in it or growing a nasty neck beard. The man grooms himself and dresses like the best of them in his custom tailored suits that accentuate his muscled and toned physique. And there’s a reason behind his dedication to look good: confidence.

So, while I don’t recommend you spend a fortune buying Italian suits (that’ll ruin your bank account), your confidence will skyrocket when you take care of your appearance. Because what you wear affects how positive you feel about yourself and how you act, which creates the first impression on people you meet.

Stay groomed by showering each morning, brushing your teeth, spraying cologne or perfume, and putting on your best clothes to start the day. Have some idea of fashion sense and don’t look like you’ve been camping for a month. Regardless of your opinion, your appearance matters.

Become Extremely Fit

See that movie where James Bond ate unhealthy foods like donuts and Ho Hos and got fat sitting on the couch all weekend? I didn’t either. Otherwise, he’d surely die from jumping out of buildings and climbing onto moving helicopters. No, the man needs to stay physically ready at any time to chase down an assassin and fight in hand-to-hand combat with a guy twice his size.

You also need to prioritize your health and fitness to reach your potential each day.  So follow a regular workout routine—because you never know when you’ll need the endurance that comes from running or strength that comes from lifting weights. Eat nutritious foods that give you energy. What also matters is healthy sleep habits to assist your brain and body. Do this and you’ll gain byproducts like muscles and abs, which is part of the Bond appeal and charm.

Connect With And Charm Others

When you look past the guns and explosions, then it’s clear that Bond’s way with body language and words is his main draw. With his calculated wit and forward intentions, 007 gets the beautiful girl and pisses off his enemies all in one move. His top of the line confidence and social persuasion is unlike anyone we’ve ever seen, which makes him a must watch character. The qualities above about dressing with style and being in top shape give his influence its full effect.

I’ve written about how to connect with anyone in conversation and how to be cool. But knowledge is only part of it. What sticks with you is tons of practice trying to get someone’s number, win someone over at a party, and convincing the client to buy the upgrade service instead of the normal package. Social confidence comes from experience and putting yourself out there. Some human psychology and emotion connection wouldn’t hurt. Continue experimenting and you’ll get better, maybe as good as James himself.

Don’t Back Down From Challenges

James Bond is not the type of guy to put his head down and go home after being faced with a challenge, even if it seems insurmountable. You can have an entire army and shielded fortress, and 007 will find a way to penetrate it to kill you. He doesn’t let doubt get in his way since he’s confident in his ability.

To be like Bond, don’t back down when the challenge is tall and you’re not sure you can win. For example, stay confident when you see that hundreds of candidates have applied for the same job you covet. Look at the bright side that you know you have to prepare good interview answers and bring your A-game. There’s no other option except to prepare your hardest. Rise to your challenges in life like Bond, and you’ll become stronger as a result.

Finish Strong

Bond has been knocked out, tied down, and to the point where it seems like his defeat is but a forgone conclusion. Yet, through the struggle, he finds a way to get out of it and finish his mission. It’s like he believes he can’t fail and that’s what gives him the power to succeed. For this reasons, I admire how James Bond always finishes strong to close the deal.

What have you started that you’re thinking about giving up or you already quit? When the going gets tough is when you need to be at your best. Because finishing what you started sets the mentality that you won’t and can’t give up on what’s important to you. This attitude and some patience will propel you to greater achievements when your competition gives up. Being someone your friends, significant other, and family can count on to not give up on them is the definition of Mr. Reliable, aka Mr. Bond.

To have one last piece of fun with this, take the Buzzfeed quiz to see which Bond are you.

What’s your favorite quality of James Bond? Why do you want to be like him?

Brian Robben

Brian Robben is the founder of Take Your Success, a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs grow a profitable business and reach freedom. For in-depth training, visit: brianrobben.com

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    F. .. James Bond. He’s a misogynistic asshole with probably a million STD’s.

    1. Brian Robben

      That’s one way to look at it. But I wanted to point out his positive traits as a source of inspiration.

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