11 Foods For When You Start Eating For Energy

eating for energy

The sluggish feeling right after lunch can be the worst. You’ve tried coffee, a Snickers bar, and an energy drink, but these were only short-term energy fixes that lead to an even worse afternoon slump. Now you’re stuck feeling frustrated, because you have work that needs to get done without the energy to do it.

However, next time you think you’re out of options with no solution left, don’t worry. There is hope and it’s called eating foods for energy.

Eating For Energy

When you begin eating for energy, your mindset towards food completely changes. No longer is it a source of comfort to satisfy your immediate desire, but instead food’s main purpose is fuel to champion the day.

This simple change in your mentality toward food causes powerful results—I’ve experienced it myself.

For one, instead of looking for the most delicious foods to satisfy your cravings, you consume foods that provide the most energy. Eating these foods obviously gives you extra energy so you have the power to avoid procrastination and be productive. Getting rid of the afternoon energy dip and gaining an energy-boost is a God-send in itself.

But also, since the foods that give you the most energy are predominantly healthy, you’re giving your body excellent resources that will leave you looking sexy. The saying is that proper weight loss requires 70% eating healthy and 30% working out, so you’ll be set on the diet side.

Can you say hello to your Spring Break abs? You certainly won’t be getting fat in college with a healthy diet focused on energy.

Anyway, eating food for energy can be the advantage that sets you apart from the competition in how you feel and how you look. Start eating for energy, and see the immediate difference it makes.

If you’re asking what are the best foods for energy, I have you covered.

Best Foods For Energy

1. Eggs: Eggs are listed first because they are arguably the healthiest food on the planet. This superfood contains a boatload of protein and amino acids for your muscles. So if you’re serious about eating food for energy, start every morning off right with eggs for breakfast.

2. Brown rice: The carbs and protein in brown rice are excellent in producing energy. And body-builders routinely eat chicken and brown rice to put on muscle. Next time you get Chipotle, choose the brown rice over the white.

3. Salmon: Anyone who knows me well can vouch that salmon is my favorite food, because of its taste and various health benefits. For example, the protein in salmon helps to increase your performance and brain health. It also contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids to lower your risk of heart disease.

4. Beans: Having low-fat protein, calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium make beans a solid choice for anyone needing energy. Not the flashiest food, but it serves its purpose like the best of them.

5. Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes are another one of my favorite foods. Your mouth will appreciate the taste and your body will be thankful for the carbs and vitamins. To feel better after a big dinner, have a sweet potato on the side in place of french fries or onion rings.

6. Spinach: Go with a spinach salad to get a healthy intake of iron in your body. Since iron plays an important role in delivering oxygen, you won’t feel tired after eating spinach like you do when your body is iron deficient.

Energy Boosting Snacks:

7. Yogurt: Yogurt is powerful because it’s high in magnesium, and magnesium releases energy into the body. There is also a good amount of protein in yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, that has a slow-release energy effect, which will make your stomach feel full longer.

8. Fruits: Anything from apples, bananas, oranges, and blueberries contains natural sugar for your body to quickly break down into energy. When you want something small to eat during a study break, choose a fruit instead of a bag of chips.

9. Almonds: These little guys do it all in terms of energizing your body. Almonds are filled with protein, fiber, and other concentrations that provide stability to your energy levels throughout the day. Bring almonds with you to avoid the disruptive energy highs and lows that most people face.

10. Dark chocolate: Besides being delicious, the caffeine and theobromine in dark chocolate will give your body a helpful pick-me-up. Dark chocolate is also healthy for your heart and can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

11. Honey: Honey is a natural source of energy due to its carbohydrates that assist your muscles before and after exercise. Don’t forget about adding this underrated team player to your next meal.

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Readers, what gets in the way of your desire to start eating for energy instead of comfort? What are other foods for energy that we should know about?

Brian Robben

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