5 Reasons Riders Choose Uber Over Taxi

Because Uber drivers get into car accidents more often than taxis, you would think that taxis would have more popularity. Instead, Uber dominates the market with its competitive prices that outpace taxis. You have a few reasons that people still prefer Uber over taxis. 

Statista estimates that 110 million people use Uber each month. Why do people seem to prefer Uber over taking a taxi? Keep reading to find out.

#1: Fast Trips Anywhere

Calling in a ride with a taxi takes longer than with Uber in most cases. Passengers with Uber will usually not wait as long to get picked up, which means that they will arrive at their destination sooner. Riders can share the fare with others headed in the same direction if they choose UberPool. This lets them get to their destination faster and for less. 

Late at night after partying, public transportation isn’t always available. People might call Uber instead because they can get home faster. You don’t want to wait too long at night in the wrong part of town because someone could rob or assault you. 

#2: Safety

Uber has had its share of incidents. Despite this, Uber cars are involved in more accidents than taxis. Uber drivers must submit to background and criminal background checks on a yearly basis. These extensive checks look at things, such as:

  • Motor vehicle records
  • National sex offenders database
  • Multistate criminal databases

Even if Uber is a slightly more risky option than a cab from an accident perspective, either is still a better choice than drinking and driving. 

#3: More Dependable

Convincing a taxi driver to pick you up after a wild night of drinking in an obscure part of town can be next to impossible. You can’t depend on getting a ride. Uber drivers may not take the rides either in some cases, but they will normally display a greater willingness to pick up passengers like this. The greater dependability has made them the go-to choice for other things. 

The driver who picks up intoxicated passengers deserve praise because the work has its dangers. You have cases where an aggressive drunk attacked the driver, endangering his life. 

#4: Can Track Your Ride

You can track your ride with Uber, but you can’t tell where the taxi is. This helps to make Uber waits feel shorter because you never question where your Uber driver is at. You can look on the app to see their location as they move toward you. 

#5: Estimate the Price

Taxis don’t let you estimate the price from the app like with Uber. You should understand how Uber rides don’t give you an exact price, but they will estimate the price. If factors change, the price could go up or down. Uber offers tiers of pricing based on the luxury that you choose. 

On the other hand, taxis don’t have different pricing. You never know what you might pay in a taxi in comparison to Uber. A lot of people prefer Uber because it eliminates the question on price.

Uber cars might have more accidents than taxis, but many people still prefer them for the reasons outlined. Rides for Uber have surpassed taxis. Many people think taxis failing to get people to their destination on time has left a competitive opening for Uber to dominate. Taxis have tried to restrict Uber drivers in cities, but will this delay the inevitable? 

Taxis have a hard time competing because they don’t deliver as much as Uber does through its technologies on the smartphone. Having the payment processed online eliminates the risk of getting ripped off by drivers. Taxis have an infamous reputation for taking advantage of people who are new to a city.