4 Franchise Industries That Might Suit You

Franchises are a popular choice when starting a business, especially as a first timer. Having a lack of experience in running a business means that it’s wise to search for opportunities that may offer some extra stability as well as guidance on running the business. A franchise does just that. Essentially, you buy a license from a company and can use their branding and marketing power for your business. You have to then operate as though you were part of that company, offering an identical service. This spreads their brand further afield and allows you to benefit from using an established name. When looking at buying a franchise, there are many industries you can choose from, and here we’ve listed 4 popular choices that might interest you.

Fast Food
As a new business owner, buying into a franchise is relatively straightforward, and fast-food franchises are easily one of the most popular choices. Fast food restaurants are very rarely solo entities. They’re usually comprised of multiple chain restaurants run by the company itself, or to save resources and consolidate their own manpower, they’ll offer their license out to potential franchisees to open more restaurants for them. The downside for them is that they only take a cut of the profits, and the franchisee will take the lion’s share. However, this means that they have the opportunity to spread faster as they won’t have to run multiple chain restaurants themselves, and instead only have to train and monitor the franchisee.

Home Services
When deciding on an industry for your franchise, you want to make sure you’re searching for opportunities that will benefit from public demand. One thing that people genuinely need is home services. This in itself isn’t a specific service, of course, but rather it encompasses a number of different types of businesses that can benefit people at home. When searching for a franchise for sale, you’ll find a wide range of home service businesses that you can buy into via Franchise Local. They advertise quality franchises and list essential information about those franchises to help you make an informed choice. Don’t forget to do your own research too.

Real Estate
If you’re interested in the property selling industry, then it’s worth noting that these businesses are also commonly franchised. Helping individuals to buy and sell their houses will always be valuable, as the process is relatively complex and long-winded. Luckily, it’s also very profitable for estate agents. However, many small start-up companies struggle to gain customers’ trust, especially in the early days. Having the weight of a big brand behind you can allay those initial fears, bringing more people to your business.

Another popular franchise option is the retail industry. High street stores and home delivery services are all very great choices for buying, and this can range from small fresh vegetable delivery services to sprawling clothing stores. Opening and running a retail franchise has many benefits, and one of these is brand recognition. Without a good brand, the chance to entice the public to buy your wares is going to be much lower, especially if you’re set up somewhere near powerful competitors.  Whereas if you are part of a franchise with a well-known brand and marketing, your ability to turn a profit will be significantly higher.