Рros And Cons Of A Digital Marketing Profession

We live in the age of information and technology and with these great advancements in the 21st century come career choices. Therefore, in order to determine if digital marketing is the career path for you, you need to start by asking important questions such as the following: What is the role of technology at in a profession such as marketing? Is digital marketing future-bound?

Now, to answer these questions, let’s start by emphasizing that this post will delve into digital marketing, particularly advantages and disadvantages that come with such a career. Now, when it comes to job hunting, you’ve got to consider whether it pays well, is future-oriented and its affiliation to tech.

The truth is that digital marketing in its many tenets is here to stay. Everyone does business online these days, which in itself is a modern way of spreading the word about an enterprise, its services and products. It is also noteworthy that as opposed to old ways of letting people know about your business, marketers in the 21st century have at their disposal, tools that make it easy to create, curate and present marketing messages to prospects.

Big Data

Moreover, because information is the backbone of every business today, its overload has brought to the fore another trend in marketing know as Big Data. Technically, a marketers role would be difficult without understanding his or her target market demographics, thus, data analysis becomes an indispensable part of the undertaking.

Think about a student looking for a reliable do my essay service and you get a picture of someone struggling to make a choice based on competing interest and quality. It is the same scenario with that of a digital marker who must make sure every target market gets relevant messages. Therefore, with the help of analytics tool such as SEMRush to break down big data, the most challenging role of a digital marketer is deciding whether to use content, inforgraphics, videos or images.

Now, bearing in the mind the essence of big data in marketing today and the need for a proven and tested analytics tool, let’s explore the pros and cones that come with digital marketing career.


Digital marketing is the future and with it comes many advantages such as the following:

A New Field With Huge Prospects

Given that it is a career field that is still developing or as someone else would put it, a young industry, it is a worthy profession for those who would wish to learn and grow. There are huge prospects that come with getting a job in this area, especially because it heavily relies on futuristic technologies. Take for example, augmented Reality (AR) and its impact on digital marketing, using virtual reality (VR) to tell stories, not to mention artificial intelligence and its impacts on big data analysis.

You get a picture of a profession that is not only set for exponential growth but also one that is bound to rope in best technologies making headlines. Thus, you are rest assured of learning and growing in your career.

Real-time Connection With Prospects

Another advantage that comes with pursuing a career in digital marketing is that as marketer, technology brings you closer to prospective clients or target market. Here, many things are at play. Think about cutting-edge marketing tools and the web, it becomes obvious that there has never been a better way of establishing a stronger presence among prospects in the-now.


Marketing in this age of technology, you will agree is way cheaper than traditional approaches. There is no more door to door presentation or expensive product/service shows. All you need is a website and social media page, which doesn’t cost a lot by the way, and the right tools to get started.


On the contrary, pursuing a career in digital marketing is not without challenges or disadvantages even if you have the best tools at your disposal. The following are therefore cons that come with being a digital marketer:

Rapid Changes

While the fact that digital marketing is a rapidly changing profession in line with technology is good news, it poses a challenge of having to continuously adapt with trends, strategies and formulas. You must keep experimenting to determine what works and what doesn’t. Thus, lack of a fixed marketing formula is a hard nut to crack.

No Marketing Structure

Given that digital marketing is a new field, most institutions of academia are yet to come up with a structural way of teaching it. Therefore, lack of a formal training module or course makes it difficult for budding marketers to gain a foothold in the enterprise. You have to endure years of trial and error before becoming a marketing geek.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, digital marketing is the future. However, you need proper mentoring and adequate training to break through the glass ceiling. While it presents many benefits to a modern market, it is important to also cope with its challenges.

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