Wholesale and Retail Merchandising Tips Every Clothing Business Should Know

Retail merchandising can significantly affect what customers buy, how much of it, their shopping experience, and if they’ll return. Having happy, repeat customers is a big goal, but so is making a profit and making the business as successful as possible. If you have a retail clothing business, keep reading for retail merchandising tips that may boost your sales. 

Plan the proper layout for the space

Customers want to like where they’re shopping; they want to avoid walking into a store and feeling like they want to go back out immediately. Of course, the layout can impact this, but it must complement your space. For example, if you have a relatively small retail store, you’ll have less room to work with than in a much larger location. Therefore, planning to make the most out of the space, regardless of size, is essential. 

Showcase sales and discounts

Announcing sales and discounts is essential to attract customers’ interest prominently. Of course, you could make statements on your website, via an email newsletter, and social media, but only some potential customers will see those notices. So while you certainly want to announce the sales and discounts online, make sure you also do so in person.

In addition to putting signs outside or at the front of your store that encourages customers to come through the door, put them at checkout and in strategic areas around the store. For example, if you’re selling the Bella + Canvas unisex raw seam crew pullovers and offering a one-day sale, one place that should have a noticeable sign is right near these shirts where customers can notice it. 

Get customers in the door 

Customers will walk through your door for various reasons, including that they’ve been there before and had a good experience, it’s a destination because they’re looking to buy something specific, or someone else is bringing them there. However, there will also be customers you have yet to entice. These are the shoppers walking past when something catches their eye and gets them to walk through the door. 

You don’t just want a unique sign that signifies it’s your business; you also want ones that make announcements, such as about deals and discounts. Rather than opting for a piece of paper taped to the front of your door or window, consider signs that will get noticed before potential shoppers even read the accompanying message. Choose a sign (or multiple) that genuinely reflects you and the vibe of your clothing business rather than something found in any other retail establishment on the block.

Create an environment with a vibe

The vibe of your clothing store will make customers love it or not; if customers feel bad while shopping, they’ll likely want to get in and out. However, if they like the vibe, you may find them staying around longer, perusing the merchandise, and finding additional items to buy.

Consider your intended customer base when you’re coming up with the overall concept of the store. Then, give them a space you designed with them in mind where they’ll feel comfortable and tempted to buy the wholesale clothing and keep returning.

Keep clothing neat

If you’re going to go through all the effort of having a clothing store, all of its merchandise should be tidy. Therefore, don’t throw shirts and pants in a few small piles, sweaters aren’t hanging haphazardly off their hangers, and no wholesale clothing has been dropped on the floor and scattered. 

As difficult as it can sometimes be, one or more employees should keep an eye on the merchandise to ensure everything is as tidy and organized as possible. In addition, it can indicate to customers how much pride you take in the wholesale clothing you sell and in your business as a whole.

Establish visually-appealing displays

In addition to the clothing looking orderly, all the displays should be attractive and visually appealing. There should be a specific focal point, and all the elements, from the size of the decor or signage to the font you use, should have a particular goal. Certain colors evoke specific feelings, and you may find them worth researching if you’re trying to create a color scheme that reflects the mood you’re trying to set and complements your preferences but will also positively grab customers’ attention.

If you have products yet to sell as fast as you hoped, give them a little extra love and figure out how to draw more attention. For example, putting them in a more prominent position in your clothing store may be one option to consider.    

Put similar products together 

When customers shop for similar items, they want to stay within the store to get them. For example, if you sell women’s jeans, think about creating a jeans section where shoppers can find a range of styles. It allows them to find jeans they love and discover new options they’ve never worn.

Have testers you trust to come through

Before you (re)open your clothing store to the public, have loved ones come through whose opinions you value and have them give you feedback about what they like and what they don’t about the changes. It doesn’t mean you must redo everything they’re not fond of, but you should consider their opinions. For the sake of your business, make sure you’re willing to hear their feedback, whether it’s good or bad.

There’s nothing wrong with adjusting as much as you want to have your clothing store perfect before it opens or revamps. However, in many cases, experience and time will be the best factors in making essential decisions for changes to your business. 

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Pranjal Bora works as Head of Product Development at Digital Authority Partners.

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