Tips For Starting A New Internship Or Job

Tips For Starting A New JobA new job brings a unique feeling that can combine both nerves and excitement. These emotions are understandable. Because it’s likely that you don’t know who you will be working with and what your responsibilities look like.

While some things are out of your control, you have the power to influence other areas when you start working. You can control the following elements to maximize your first couple weeks of working.

Use this information to get off to a good start!

1. Prepare Ahead Of Time

If you have some time before you start, take advantage of it to prepare. Spend time researching the company through its public website, your boss and important players at work, and your potential duties.

The more information you know going in, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Also, reading work-related content will probably help you on the job and definitely in the next steps.

2. Listen And Ask Questions

You might feel the urge to make an instant impact by producing results right away. However, it’s a better idea to listen and ask questions. For example, if you need clarification on an assignment, payroll information, or office expectation, ask immediately.

By listening you’ll learn more about the company culture, how to fit in, and other details to help you navigate your new job. Plus, it will show your manager that you’re coachable and respect them. Your listening skills will help you make a strong first impression (step #3).

3. Make A Strong First Impression

As you know, first impressions are important because they are hard to break. So, show up on time (or early), stay late, listen, and provide value in the initial weeks. Then you’ll make a powerful impression and have that reputation stick with you.

The opposite goes if you make a negative first impression. You don’t want to have to climb yourself out of an unnecessary hole. As unfair as it might be, what people think of you can carry significant value in your opportunities, income, and job security.

4. Gain Friends And Get To Know People

Since you will likely spend more time at work than any other activity each week, it’s important you find enjoyment on the job and don’t end up not happy at work. Making friends of your coworkers can give you the positive energy and satisfaction you desire. It can also help your professional network and future business.

I recommend taking the initiative to ask coworkers out to coffee or lunch. It’s certain they would prefer to get along with the people they work with too, so the risk of them denying your offer is low. And your coworkers will likely think to invite you to another event in the future.

Last Words

With this plan, you’ll hopefully feel somewhere between relaxed and anxious when you walk through the doors. You need some anxiety to help you perform better. But, too much stress can cause you to overreact and underperform.

Lastly, think positive for more success and enjoyment at work.

Readers, what makes you nervous about a new job? What are your thoughts on succeeding in your early days at work? How hard is it for you to get to know co-workers? Any other questions?

Brian Robben

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