The Organic Way to Get Traffic: 4 Quick and Simple SEO Tips for Bloggers

You won’t need to be told how tough it is to achieve a high ranking in the search engines and that’s why you have to adopt a number of simple but effective strategies in order to increase your organic traffic and improve your visibility.

From working out how to score as highly as possible with Google through to figure out the best blogging sites to use, there are plenty of opportunities to generate traffic if you know how to do it.

Here are some SEO tips to consider.

Keep Up The Good Work

One of the most efficient ways of ensuring that you build decent traffic levels is to keep posting regular content.

Infrequent posts will mean you lose a certain amount of momentum and search engines are not that keen on blogs that don’t have a reasonable refresh and update rate.

Don’t be tempted to stray away from your chosen niche, as that is where your audience numbers are going to be at their best, plus you could end up spreading too thinly with your keyword use.

The other key point about posting relevant blogs frequently is that you will be able to persuade traffic to revisit, which is another way of increasing your visitor numbers organically.

Think about offering the option to subscribe to your blog via email so that you can tell them when there is new content to look at.

Don’t Be Tempted By Too Many Shortcuts

You should be mindful that it takes time to achieve good search engine ranking and it is always better to play the long game and take an ethical approach to the task rather than being tempted to consider options such as link farms.

By going down that sort of route you are risking a scenario where your blog gets blacklisted, which is never going to be good news.

It’s Good To Share

You might be competing with rival blogs for attention but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a community-minded approach and make the most of the blogosphere.

By commenting on other blogs and inviting reciprocal sharing it should allow you to get more comments and links to your own blog.

Quality Writing Is The Key To Success

If there is one fundamental tip that you really need to pay attention to above all others it is the suggestion that you should focus your endeavors on creating high-quality content that people want to read.

All of the other tactics for generating more traffic will have an impact in the short term but in order to organically grow your traffic and achieve a consistently high ranking, you need to be able to have an emphasis on quality over quantity.

It would be far better to produce one highly engaging blog post that gets lots of shares and likes rather than churn out a couple of posts that don’t really hit the spot with your audience.
Building up an enviable catalog of content can really boost your search rankings and is often a path to generating decent traffic numbers.