The Golden Resume Won Their Job Hunt, Let It Win Yours

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Back in September 2015, as many of you know, I authored my first book: The Golden Resume. Overcoming all the hurdles that come with writing a book and officially becoming an author is a major milestone that I’ll always look back on with satisfaction.

Writing one book also gave me the confidence to write another one, titled Freedom MindsetThen with the success of two books under my belt, I absolutely bet on myself by quitting my sales job to become a full-time author and entrepreneur.

I know it’s crazy, right? And my point is that the beginning domino came from writing this first book. It completely changed the direction of my life and continues to.

But what’s more important is how The Golden Resume also changed the lives of other people in the job hunt. After all, Take Your Success and my books aren’t for my personal journal, but a resource to better the lives of other people like yourself.

Keep reading to see how The Golden Resume made a real impact and what you gain to get out of it.

Success Stories

By far, it’s not even close, my favorite part of running this website is when my effort turns into real, tangible results for other people.

If that doesn’t happen, I fail. If it does, then I’ve won.

Because of this mindset, I get so fired up when people message me with their results from using my strategies. You have no idea how pumped I am to read these success stories!

In these two specific cases below, these people used the interview and resume strategies in The Golden Resume to line up interviews and secure a job. Below are two screenshots of messages people sent me.

Email golden resume praise

This guy’s experience utilizing the strategies and tactics in my book says it all. He went from little to no options before reading The Golden Resume, to reading it and then receiving 6 out of 7 interviews in only three days time. Talk about effective results without having to wait.

FB Golden Resume praise

And after struggling for months in the job hunt, this girl came across my book and received a job offer by implementing the tactics in it! I felt incredible when I read this good news.

These are two of many thank you messages from readers. It’s so cool to hear that my experience and message helped others complete a major milestone in their life: getting a job. That’s a big deal! It’s not like I helped them tie their shoes, or something small.

And this evidence encourages me to work harder because I know that I’m making a difference.

The Golden Resume Can Help You

You’ve seen how The Golden Resume has helped other people in the same position as you land job offers. They weren’t any different from you in desiring a job. But they just read my book to help them get it.

So my question for you is why don’t you do the same and order The Golden Resume today?

I designed this book for you to go inside the minds of recruiters and hiring managers, market yourself in the best way possible, create a dominate resume, and nail every question with good interview answers. Instead of blasting out your resume to hundreds of companies with no responses, work smarter by knowing how the job search game is played and won.

Also, in September I started small with an ebook because of my rookie status and lack of experience. Just this week the paperback and audiobook versions of The Golden Resume are now available.

Sometimes it’s easier to read the paperback than the ebook. Or you can get more out of your car ride or workout by listening to this audiobook during it.

Whatever format you choose, buy and read The Golden Resume to land the number one job on your list and be done with your job search. It’s truly as simple as that.

What do you struggle with most in the job hunt? What’s your favorite book format between ebook, paperback, and audiobook?

Brian Robben

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