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Book Description

The Golden Resume book

Are you struggling to write a successful resume?

Are you frustrated with applying to organizations and not getting interviews?

Or maybe you are getting interviews, but you struggle to interview well and ultimately get rejected.

No matter your situation, The Golden Resume will show you how to get the big internship or job you desire and deserve, through mastering your resume and acing interviews.

What I share in these pages are the proven strategies that the top-performers and I utilize to dominate the job search. I personally studied resumes for hundreds of hours, learned from mentors, and used the strategies in this book to the tune of countless job offers and leverage to negotiate my starting salary $10,000 higher than the initial offer.

The Golden Resume has been created to give you resume and interview essentials in a concise and applicable format that step-by-step teaches you:

  • Insight into recruiters and hiring manager’s mindset
  • Why most resumes are ignored
  • How to make your resume stand out for limitless job interviews
  • The ways to craft your digital identity and online footprint
  • The secrets to acing interviews and being an unforgettable candidate
  • One final job search essential to enhance your success

As you know, the stakes are high for one little piece of paper. Do you know how to write a resume that achieves the results you desire?

By following the information and strategies in The Golden Resume, you can use your resume to get your dream job and work with interesting people, make a difference in the world, start with a high salary, and begin a satisfying career.

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Praise For The Golden Resume

“I sent out 7 applications last Thursday night. The next morning I had 2 call backs before lunch. By Saturday I had 4 interviews set. The first time in my life that I had options when choosing employment. If you want the hiring manager and recruiter excited about your resume, you need this in your arsenal.” – Michael A. Gonzalez

“It seems as though so many books about creating a resume touch on the exact same things. The Golden Resume is different. It dives deeper into creating not just a perfect resume, but also a digital brand and ensures that you display yourself to be the best candidate for any job you apply for. Very quick but dense read, can’t ask for more.” – Hunter Sneed

“If you want to craft your perfect resume, look no further. Brian is an expert in his craft and has the experience to prove it. If you want to be less busy and more productive in your job search, read this book.” – Tam Pham

“The Golden Resume provides you with a ‘No B.S.’ approach to constructing a resume that will not only impress recruiters, but will have them begging for you to come in for an interview.“ – Euan Swan

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