Top 5 Platforms You can Use for the Success of your Business

You have had an amazing idea to start your own business, and after getting all the legalities down, you’ve finally managed to get things up and running.

Great! That’s step 1 down, now all you have to do is manage it in a way that ensures it doesn’t fall apart.

In this day and age, that usually means using industry-standard software to manage your business. With access to the latest tools and software, you can arrange and organize your workforce to be their most productive self and reach audiences in an optimized way.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 platforms that’ll get your business on the path to success

5 Platforms You Need to Start Using Today

  1. Facebook

While everyone already knows what Facebook is, many don’t understand how powerful it is in helping businesses grow to be more successful. 

With Facebook, you can create your business page which can help target an accurate audience through their ads system.

Furthermore, it can bring you closer to your target audience through the interaction on the comments section or messenger. 

Facebook helps you understand the problems people are facing and what your customers expect from you.

Not only that, by using Facebook, businesses can provide information about their products, answer questions and queries, start targeting new customers and update potential customers about business events. You can make 1 post and reach thousands or millions of people, all at once.

  1. Linkedin

LinkedIn is considered to be one of the world’s largest networks of professionals in the world. 

Not only is it good for finding the right employees and scouting out the correct business team, it can also help with online marketing by growing an email marketing list, filled with professionals.

It helps you get into contact with potential employees and even get in contact with businesses directly.  This can help develop your business even more quickly and efficiently. 

LinkedIn can be used to generate leads more effectively than other social media platforms because of its business focus, linking companies to millions of professionals.

  1. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that helps business owners plan, track, and manage their projects. Its visual workspace has easy-to-use drag-and-drop features that help project teams easily add, remove, or manage tasks.

With Trello, you can skyrocket your team’s productivity by enabling them to manage and update tasks while collaborating with partners in real time. Teammates can make use of lists, boards, and cards to arrange tasks with ease. 

Due to its simple layout and workflow, you also won’t have any issues setting up deadlines, keeping track of performances, and finding attachments.

  1. Plivo

Most marketers seem to undermine SMS marketing, but studies show that more than 91% of customers are interested in signing up for texts from their favorite brands.

This API is a game changer for any business that uses SMS marketing. Plivo’s SMS marketing platform provides a wide range of features that can be automated to programmatically send and receive text messages.

With Plivo you can set up two-factor authentication, SMS surveys, SMS marketing, SMS autoresponders, local and toll-free phone numbers, and much more to streamline your SMS marketing results.

  1. Whatsapp Business

One of the major factors that cause businesses to fail is not being able to successfully communicate with their customers. That’s why WhatsApp Business takes your communication with your customers to a whole new level. 

You can simply create a profile for your business with your phone number, adding your store or website link.  This creates a platform where current and potential customers can simply message your business number, allowing you to answer all their questions.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Business allows you to create groups of people, send interesting messages, and have an automatic system that replies to all messages instantly. It can also help advertise your new products or services. 

On top of that, WhatsApp Business is completely ad-free which helps users not to get distracted or attracted to any other products or businesses, only focusing on their communication with you about your products or services.


Most of your competitors are using all the latest and greatest tools and software to manage their businesses. If you don’t do the same, you risk falling behind.

To stay ahead of the curve, we discussed the top 5 platforms every successful business should use – whether it is to reach your target audience, organize your workforce, or build a community of followers – you can rely on these 5 platforms to help you achieve your business goals.

Brian Robben

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